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Setting Up HWID Spoofer Ocheats Instructions

Read this Article Before Continuing

Please make sure that your Antivirus (external or Windows Defender), as well as your Firewall, are all disabled before using the cheat.

Notes: This spoofer is not made to be used with Valorant! View the valorant spoofer here

*In short terms, for easy understanding, spoofing is the process that we're going to make use to change a variety of hardware identification serials. Each part of our hardware got a designated number upon Windows installation.

*Sometimes, a Game may Ban a part of our components, making it unable to use an account as before and, as the game will look over this same component number, this may incur into an immediate ban or in other cases not being able to join any game even when an account ban hasn't taken place.

*A spoofer may only change some and not all designated hardware serials, they may be the motherboard or network adapters or HDD's for example. Make sure that the software you gonna use is designated for the current ban type of the game.

*When using a spoofer make sure that you have also saved your Wi-fi password (in case of using) as it may restart your network adapter.

*Spoofing will deactivate windows license. As certain anti-cheats track your windows license.

1. Firstly do this

Run Spoofer Loader as an administrator.

2. Then do this

A new window should become visible to you. From here, add the key you have receieved from the store, and then press Enter.

3. Then do this

A new list should be displayed, first you have to type 2 and press Enter to run the serial checker.

Note down your serial numbers to compare them with your new serials after spoofing.

4. Then do this

Once you noted down your serials, go back the list, then type 1 and press Enter to begin spoofing process.

"Deactivate Windows License" If you were banned before select YES to uninstall your windows license key (as certain anti-cheats track your windows license).

You should get a windows script host windows error indicating the uninstallation of your windows license. If you get a notification saying something along the lines of your Microsoft account needs repair, ignore it.

5. Then do this

Once you confirm the operation, the spoofing process will begin with spoofing the Diskdrives serials. Wait until it gets done.

By all means, be sure you DO NOT close the window until it has been completed, otherwise the system will run to errors.

Once everything is done, a confirmation message will be displayed. Conclude the spoofing process by closing the window or "pressing any button" when the loader mentions you to do so.

Go back to the main list and type 2 to compare the old serials with the new ones. If all the serials have changed, then you've successfully spoofed your machine.

NOTE: DO NOT SPOOF AGAIN IF YOU HAVE IT ALREADY. SPOOFING IS REQUIRED ONE TIME PER WINDOWS SESSION ONLY!!. The changes to your disks will remain until you restart the machine!!!

6. Then do this


*Each game has different traces files. Traces are the tracking files on your hard drive that the game left when you got banned to assure if you try to play again even legit you will get banned.
There are 2 ways of cleaning them, Trace File cleaner Software that will remove them with a press of a button (Included with the loader) or by reinstalling your windows and the game.

*In case of using cheat, first do inject your cheat, most of the cheats will wait for you until you open the game, so during that period of time, use the spoofer and then log into the game. Do not do it on the opposite, because cheats are also HWID locked and using them from a spoofed PC will lead the cheats to not be used as well.

In short:

*Inject with the desired cheat (For example Apex Forest) /Apply the spoofer / Open the game.

--->*When you finish playing a game, do restart your computer. All the parameters will be reverted and back to normal settings. (registry and motheraord spoofing are permanenet)

7. Then do this


Apex Unban:
1. Restart pc before anything to avoid any apps interfering.
2. Clean Apex Traces
3. Restart PC
4. Clean Apex Traces Again (Windows Likes to restore files)
5. Restart PC
6. Spoof EAC
Valorant Unban: BETA*
1. Restart pc before anything to avoid any apps interfering.
2. Clean Valorant Traces
3. Restart PC
4. Flash Bios (highly recommended)
5. Install Valorant
6. Spoof Valorant
Fortnite unban:
1. Restart pc before anything to avoid any apps interfering.
2. Clean Fortnite Traces (or reinstall windows and skip to step 6.)
3. Restart PC
4. Clean Fortnite Traces Again (Windows Likes to restore files)
5. Restart PC
6. Spoof EAC or BE (depending on your account)
COD Unban:
1. Restart pc before anything to avoid any apps interfering.
2. Clean COD Traces (it will ask for username & password, this will the a new windows user it creates for you to play on/clean traces)
3. Restart PC & Sign into that newly created windows user
4. Download Battlenet & scan for your COD directory
5. Spoof COD
6. PLAY (make sure to use the newly created user when playing any Call Of Duty Title)
EFT Unban:
1. Restart pc before anything to avoid any apps interfering.
2. Clean EFT Traces
3. Restart PC
4. Spoof Battle Eye

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