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Video Games That Have The Most Hackers Statistics

Last Updated August 20, 2022

The use of "cheats" in video games is as ancient as the business of making video games. Game makers even incorporate their own hacks to make it simpler to test or evaluate their games. For example, a typical hack can grant invincibility to the player's character or offer level-to-level shortcuts.

However, in the modern online gaming industry, hackers reverse-engineer the game's core programming to give cheaters an unfair edge. While traditional hacks allowed players to experience virtual worlds in novel ways, online multiplayer game cheats affected the entire network.

Players and game developers are both affected when a game is ruined. Additionally, cheats jeopardise the safety of both its users and other players. In the past, this manifested as DDoS and related attacks.  Modern cheaters put online games with many players (MMOs) at risk for privacy invasions and viruses.

Key Findings

What Video Games Are Hacked The Most

The larger the objective in video games, the simpler the prey. The more players a game has, the more difficult it is to stop hacking. The personnel cost alone would need whole teams devoted to catching cheats. What video games include the most hackers in light of this?

Top 5 most hacked Video Games

Research that searched through hundreds of YouTube clips for evidence of cheating is mentioned to quantify "cheats" and "hacking" in video games. This ranking of the most popular YouTube videos linked to hacking and cheating sheds light on the potential top online games that have been hacked.

  1. Fortnite with 26,822,000 views
  2. Overwatch with 9,279,829 views
  3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with 6,706,182 views
  4. Call of Duty: Warzone with 4,189,200 views
  5. Destiny 2 with 3,238,809 views

It is interesting to note that aimbots and wallhacks are a common problem in all 5 games mentioned above. Aimbots allow quick headshot kills from anywhere on the map by automatically locking on a target's head while shooting down the sights. Through wallhacks, players may see adversaries through walls, giving them another unfair edge over their rivals.

According to the top five list, those two hacks will be the subject of most video game hacking videos. But unfortunately, players' perception of fair play seems to have lost ground to their drive to be ranked first, especially when doing so may result in financial rewards.

The most cheated game on the internet is Fortnite.

Fortnite is the most played online game. 350 million players have played the game for almost 10.5 million years at the time of the last tally. However, gamers are being played, as Fortnite was identified in surveys as the online game with the highest level of cheating. Aimbots are frequently used with trigger bots to aim and shoot at enemies in Fortnite automatically. Aimbots outnumber wallhacks 2:1. The use of cheat software is prohibited, according to Epic Games, which has a "zero tolerance policy" for it.

The futuristic "hero shooter" Overwatch is the second-most cheat-affected game.

Because cheating is such a problem, users have organised the Overwatch Police Department, a team of in-game vigilantes. The gang engages in a meta-game where they hunt out proof of cheating in games and on message boards by going undercover. The Overwatch Police Department's self-appointed sheriff declares, “The Overwatch Police Department, in my opinion, is a ray of optimism”.

What Drives Hackers To Video Games

There appear to be emerging targets that intrigue hackers more than mere bragging rights, even if some gaming competitions and other high-profile video games will always be a focus of cheaters wanting to chalk up easy wins.

There are millions of user accounts, which implies millions of attempts to brute-force their way to the payment details of victims. Given that there have already been two significant breaches involving video games in 2021, it is understandable that some players would be wary about the management of their personal information by large gaming companies.

User Credentials

A cybercriminal may wreak havoc on a victim's life if they have access to their identifying information. The 2018–2019 hack of Fortnite's developers Epic Games was one of the most heinous game hacks in recent history.

On the Epic Games website, a problem was found in November 2018 that made it possible for hackers to sign in as multiple users and steal their credit card information. As a result, millions of gamers' login information may have been revealed, and thousands of dollars worth of Fortnite in-game cosmetic goods were illegally purchased.

Additionally, accounts that gained any "rare" cosmetic skins would be identified by hackers, who would then hijack those accounts and sell some of them for tens of thousands of bucks on the dark web.

Informing their subscribers of the security breach did not happen until January 2019, and Epic Games never disclosed how many user accounts were compromised. Angry players whose Epic Games accounts were compromised even sued the company in class action lawsuits for handling the incident.

The Source Code

For the biggest names in video games, 2021 is a genuinely lousy year. Hackers attacked EA Games and CD Projekt Red, the makers of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher series, this year, two of the biggest and most well-known brands in the market (Star Wars, creators of Fifa, Battlefront). Hackers prioritised acquiring the source codes of various games, including the most recent releases, rather than user data.

CD Projekt Red

Hackers broke into CD Projekt Red's computers, acquired the source code for Witcher and Cyberpunk video games, and placed a ransom note on the company's website. The stolen files and code were then sold online to an unidentified bidder after CD Projekt Red failed to pay the ransom demanded by the egregious hackers. According to reports, the starting bid was $1 million, with a $7 million buy-it-now option.

EA Games

A socially engineered cyberattack against EA Games required a fair amount of technical know-how and a lot of nerve. Hackers duped IT support into mailing them replacement cellphones after "losing them at an event the night before" after approaching the EA Games Slack channel.

Once the hackers got all the information necessary to break into EA Games' internal operations, they took Fifa 21's source code, a collection of developer tools, and thousands of megabytes worth of additional game-making material. Then, instead of sending EA a ransom note, the cybercriminals just sold the information to the winning bidder through shady auction sites.

Cheating In First-Person Shooters

To get unique abilities while playing online games, hackers gain access to those games' memory and underlying code. Wallhacking and aimbots are the two most popular types of cheating.

Assume you have access to the Sweetwater live map as a mischievous Westworld robot. You are fully aware of everyone else's locations. You follow a pattern to focus on your adversary as soon as they move toward a headshot. Hackers use the game's source code to locate other players, even when their position ought to be out of view, and this is what an aimbot accomplishes. When an opponent steps out into the open, an aimbot's crosshairs immediately focus on them.

Wallhacking involves obtaining player position data by breaking into a game's coding. However, whereas an aimbot automatically utilises that data to target, a wallhack gives the cheater a live map of where their opponents are—even if they are hidden behind a wall and hidden from view.

Protection From Video Game Hacks

These enormous video game companies have proven unreliable in handling your personal information. It serves as a reminder that you should take control of your security.

You may take additional precautions to safeguard yourself, such as investing in a VPN, even if it is not much you can do to stop your data from getting lost among thousands of other users in a significant breach. But does a VPN make sense?

It is if you treat online gaming seriously. As soon as you establish a connection to a VPN server, you are automatically protected from DDoS assaults. So when a VPN server conceals your IP address, how can a malicious gamer target you for attack?

The fact that NordVPN is the perfect VPN for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox is not an accident. Thanks to more than 5,000 servers spread across more than 50 nations, you may play without interruption. In addition, bandwidth limiting and ping are no longer an issue when you can merely select a VPN server nearby to the gaming server.

Threat Protection is another tool available on NordVPN. It assists you in locating malware-infected files, prevents you from visiting dangerous websites, and immediately eliminates trackers and intrusive adverts. Additionally, it speeds up and secures your web browsing.

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