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Vanguard Hacks, why do people use them?

Last Updated August 22, 2022

While you would have hoped that Call of Duty Vanguard would be filled with honorable players that firmly believe in fair play and equity and would never cheat or sabotage the game, that is regrettably not the case. Aimbot, wallhack, rapid-fire, and other hacks are available for Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Why Do Gamers Employ Hacks

Nearly 3 billion people around the globe enjoy playing computer/video games as a hobby. While certain games are played to unwind or slow down after a long day at school or work, others are more serious and reasonably competitive. Games like Vanguard, Apex Legends, and Fornite are tied to outliving your adversaries and dominating matches. Outlasting your enemy and winning is the primary goal of these games.

Some people dedicate countless hours each day to improve their skills and get better at their preferred game. They work on various tactics, practice their abilities, hone their talents, and study the maps. As streaming gains popularity, more gamers aim to improve at games to become pros or broadcasters.

However, some players may choose to employ game cheats to win more games if they don't want to put in all this time, effort, and work. The complete list of COD Vanguard cheats is provided here, along with tips on identifying cheaters in-game.

Vanguard Hacks Explained

Aimbot Hack

Aimbots are software tools that aim toward players, to put it simply. Thus, the program will control and manage the moving of the cursor over an adversary instead of the player needing to do it before shooting. Moreover, it is frequently carried out remarkably fast and precisely. In essence, you are just required to shoot while your computer performs the pointing.

As you might anticipate, Aimbots can assist players in gaining more victories and earning more eliminations. Aimbot use can elevate a player with very little in-game expertise or talent to the top spot in the session. However, due to the rapidity and precision of the aiming, even skilled and experienced players will find it challenging to compete with a player using an aimbot.

Aimbots come in three primary varieties: trigger bots, direct aimbots, and pixel scanning aimbots. Aimbots that use pixel scanning use extrapolation to locate red-colored aims without tampering with the gaming client.

COD Vanguard Aimbot's primary goal is to ensure that your aim is clearly highlighted and that the enemy is hit precisely. A decent Vanguard aimbot should possess a few characteristics that enable its efficiency. The FOV (field of vision), which may be modified to guarantee that the aimbot is flawlessly fixed on the adversaries, is one of the most crucial of these functions. 

When employing weapons like automatic rifles and machine guns, whether LMGs or SMGs, the recoil regulator also helps you maintain a steady range of aim. This controller keeps your shot stable so that you may deliver lethal strikes to the adversaries. The recoil regulator is essential for enabling the No Recoil Vanguard hack, which is helpful in an elevated battle environment.

A definite kill is a final goal; hence the auto lockup is also included in the aimbot to ensure the aim is fixated on the adversary. The Vanguard aimbot has a "bone" that you may use to set your focus on a target's head, neck, or chest. Using the remaining features, you may still configure the speed, acceleration time, and target distance

Aimbot is a lot of fun; however, I advise using it realistically, which can mean avoiding setting an aim above 50 meters. If you equip your shotguns with a buck slug-featuring slug round, you might even get away with a few long-range rounds while utilizing aimbot. Again, a Vanguard aimbot will provide more brutal kills since you may change the caliber of your guns for improved bullet penetration.


Wallhacks go by a variety of names, including "ESP" or "Extrasensory Perception" (the ability to perceive the imperceptible through extraordinary means), "VAC" or "Visual Assistance Cheat," and simply "Wallhack," which is by far the most accurate and well-known term for this game-hacking technique because it allows players to view through walls and other items on Android, iOS, PC, and very infrequently Console games.

Wallhacking is the practice of using a wallhack. Wallhacking in first-person shooters is the modification of wall characteristics. Most wallhacks work by at least partially transparentizing a map's walls so that players may see things positioned behind them. Similar to map hacking in actual strategy games, wallhacking is typically seen as cheating and, if detected, can result in kicking and banning from online gaming servers.

Numerous first-person shooter games provide weapons like grenades that may kill invisible individuals, although these explosives work more through splash damage than direct impacts. But certain weapons, particularly rifles, may shoot through walls. They can view the adversary as a result and execute them swiftly and covertly.

Wallwalking is another wallhack in which players may look through and traverse walls. This hack, often known as "ghostmode," allows players to secretly attack anyone passing by the wall because they are invisible inside it.

In any COD video game series, knowing what is on the opposite side of a wall and surprising your opponents while unprepared gives a significant competitive edge. The Vanguard wallhack fulfills this promise. With this Vanguard hack, you may also solid x-ray objects to learn about potential dangers and lurking adversaries. 

You will also have a great kill with the adversaries getting hit devastatingly since COD Vanguard is made for tactical destruction as you blow through walls and doors. In conclusion, COD Vanguard wallhack somewhat aids in keeping you out of harm's path and helps you plan your assault [without wasting your weapons]. However, given that COD Vanguard takes place in a World War II scenario, you are never indeed out of harm's way. Therefore, be vigilant and keep an eye out for your adversaries.

Rapid Fire Hack

Any gun's Rate of Fire may be significantly increased via Rapid Fire, a hack, or a change.REZ file. It may be programmed to operate at various speeds, from the default of normal to as high as 10 times the default pace. It resembles a gun speed hack in specific ways. It is possible for non-automatic guns and bolt-action snipers if it is used with No Spread, No Recoil, and Instant Reload. Most people like melee weapons with this trait since they can quickly and instantly kill an infected person with them. 

There is a little downside to possessing this exploit, though. Because Combat Arms runs out of memory when this hack is activated, and ANY weapon is fired, specific subpar hacks will include an inferior version of this hack. This will disconnect the user. 

Also, notice that when a gamer uses Rapidfire while reloading (assuming they don't have No Reload enabled), the shooting motion and muzzle flash continue to appear. Although it seems the hacker is shooting his weapon, the rounds are blanks, which do not reduce the amount of ammo available. Rarely are the last 7-8 games fired just before reload animation is finished, strike and do damage.

Spotting Hackers And Cheaters In Vanguard

Now, there is no need to fear if you can't or don't know how to detect hackers or cheaters in the Vanguard video game in general. So, in COD Vanguard, you must monitor the kill cam if you want to recognize cheats or hackers.

You can learn how you were murdered by carefully studying the kill cam. In essence, the kill cam displays the enemy's sight or point of view. As a result, you can quickly determine how the hacker or cheater located and pursued you.

Reporting Cheaters In Vanguard

Fortunately, the COD Vanguard game's Sledgehammer Games and Activision teams diligently develop a robust anti-cheat mechanism. The anti-cheat technology is anticipated to launch in COD Vanguard and Warzone very soon, likely in December. But, unfortunately, right now, we will have to wait for it.

However, one thing you can do immediately if you suspect cheating or hacking is to report the player's account information to the support staff using the in-game Social option. If you discover a player abusing, cheating, or hacking, it is your job to report them as soon as possible. At the same time, a player can appeal if they were pretty treated but were reported by another player or prohibited by the anti-cheat system.

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