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Last Updated August 22, 2022

This is a multiplayer and only survival video game. Facepunch studios created this video game. The first release of this game was in December 2013 and was fully released in February 2018. This game is available on macOS, Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Versions were created in conjunction with Double Eleven and released in May 2021. Initially, this game was developed as a mod for ARMA 2 and a clone of DayZ.


Rust's goal is to use things that have been stolen or obtained to survive in the wilderness. Players must control their thirst, hunger, and health well or risk passing away. Since the game is only multiplayer, other players pose the most threat to the player despite the existence of dangerous animals like bears and wolves. Bows and other weapons, including firearms, are used in combat. Additionally, vehicles driven by non-player characters will occasionally prowl the streets and engage in combat with armed players. Rust has some crafting capabilities, albeit initially limited until specific components are found in the game's open world. Players must create bases or ally with tribes to increase their survival chances. An essential element of Rust is raiding. Rust allows for modified servers that can include.



Rust is a multiplayer-only video game that throws players against one another in a hostile, open-world intending to survive. Although wolves and bears pose a real menace, other players pose the most threat. All but a few pre-built maps are procedurally generated in the majority of cases. A player starts with just a rock and a torch. The rock can be wielded as a weapon, used to destroy stones, and cut down trees. Killing animals yields food and cloth, whereas mining yields stone, metal ores, and Sulphur ores, and felling trees yields wood. The player must gather resources to make tools, weapons, and other equipment in order to survive in the environment. The player needs to have enough of each element needed to build an item, with more complex products requiring components that are dispersed around the landscape. The variety of items that can be crafted is constrained, although blueprints enable the production of more complex products.


The player must eat regularly or they will starve to death. During gaming, the player must also avoid dangers including freezing, drowning, and attacks from animals, mostly wolves and bears. Additionally, some areas on the map are radioactive. The four radiation levels are minor, low, medium, and high. To enter these regions, the proper gear must be worn; failing to do so could result in death. An option to respawn at a random place or at a sleeping bag or bed (put before death) is displayed on screen after death. The player's inventory is reset to the standard rock and torch upon respawning. Sometimes a "clan" will play Rust together. Typically, clans build houses for their members, distribute supplies and goods among themselves, and engage in planned raiding and plundering. Bows, melee weapons, and craftable guns are used in player versus player (PvP) combat. Rather than following a hitscan trajectory, projectiles such as bullets do so. Each gun has a variety of bullet types, including high-velocity and explosive ones, allowing for a wider range of tactics. Bullets to the head are more harmful than shots to other regions of the body, according to hit tracking's calculations of damage. Holographic sights and other weapon accessories give one an advantage over opponents.


The player needs weapons because they give them the fundamental offensive and defensive abilities needed to survive. You can get weapons through Attack Helicopters and Airdrops, and after obtaining all the materials needed, players can manufacture them as well. In Rust, there are many distinct situations in which weapons can be used. While some weapons may function better at a distance, others may favor close-quarters combat. Projectile weapons' characteristics vary depending on accuracy, range, fire rate, and damage.

Primitive weaponsHandguns
CrossbowMacheteHunting BowLongswordMaceSalvaged cleaverSalvaged swordStone spear ‘Wooden spearM92 pistolEoka pistolPython revolverRevolverSemi-automatic pistol
Shotgunssubmachine guns
Pump shotgunDouble barrel shotgunWaterpipe shotgunCustom SMGThompsonMP5A4    
RiflesMachine Guns
M39 rifleBolt action rifleAK47Semi-automatic rifle (SAR)LR-300 assault rifleL96 rifleM249 
4x zoom scopeHolosightMuzzle boostMuzzle brakeSilencerSimple handmade sightWeapon flashlightWeapon lesersight Beancan grenadeF1 grenadeRocket launcherSatchel chargeTimed explosive chargeLand mine  
Auto turretFlame turretShotgun trapSnap trapWooden floor spikesFlame thrower  


Choose a server that welcomes new users

Selecting a server to play on in Rust is your very first option. Many new players simply choose a heavily trafficked official server, however these are frequently packed with seasoned players. As a rookie player, it will take some time for you to learn how to play without getting killed immediately after spawning. Therefore, you ought to sign up for a beginner-friendly server.

To gain a respawn point, make a sleeping bag.

A sleeping bag is among the very first things you'll need in Rust. A personalized respawn point can be made by setting one on the ground. Getting one early on will spare you the aggravation of having to walk all the way back after respawning on the beach (the default spawn spot).

To harvest extra wood and stone, choose the proper location.

After you've established your first spawn spot, begin collecting wood and stone by striking massive boulders and trees with your rock hammer (the starting tool). These components are required to create your first two unique tools, the pickaxe and hatchet.

Unfortunately, it takes a long time and is consequently unsafe to acquire materials with simply the Rock. Try to hit the red X that will appear on the tree as quickly as you can. You will receive extra wood per hit if you use your Rock to strike the X. The sparkle that appears on the boulder functions similarly: hit it to instantly obtain more stone.

Prioritize wood collection to meet all of your beginning needs.

Start harvesting wood once you've made the Hatchet and Pickaxe. Wood, wood, and more wood. Don't waste time on other resources; you can build your initial base entirely using this resource item. The basic building blocks you can only make out of wood are as follows:

•       Structure plan

•       constructing foundational

•       Walls

•       Wooden door,

•       Metal latch.

•       Campfire

•       Container

To make life simpler, place your first base in the ideal location.

Your success in the game is greatly influenced by the placement of your base. Try to locate a place that is well-hidden and has lots of supplies close by, but don't wander any more than is required. Running halfway across the map is useless if you die and resurrect kilometers away. Later, you can always build new bases.

Avoid farming more than is required.

In Rust, farming more than is necessary is arguably the most frequent error that players do. Even though it can be very tempting to collect a lot of resources at once, doing so makes death even more annoying. It is far preferable to harvest modest quantities of the resources you require right away and to regularly bring them back to your base. By doing this, the likelihood that you will gather more than you actually need is greatly diminished.

To safeguard everything in your base, use double doors.

The best course of action is occasionally to retreat to your base and hide when you see a player with more advanced equipment. But if you open the door and perish, you can unintentionally hand the other player all your materials hidden.

Make sure not to attract other players by starting a fire at night.

You would think that this one is obvious, but you'd be amazed at how many gamers wander around at night with a torch. Staying hidden is the greatest approach to avoid becoming a target for other players.

Avoid letting your base deteriorate.

Construction projects aren't permanent, especially not in Rust. You can only stop your base from "decaying" over time by doing maintenance. You must first construct a tool cabinet out of 1000 wood and set it in your base. Then, you must place a specific quantity of the building supplies you employed within the cabinet. Your foundation requires more maintenance the larger it is (keep that in mind before starting on your mansion).

Beware of radiation

After establishing a solid foundation, you should start exploring deserted locations to collect more valuable resources. But take care exploring abandoned structures might be enjoyable until they turn you into a radioactive killer. You have no chance of surviving this without safety gear. Keep your ears open if you notice an old industrial site. Do you notice any cracking noises? It denotes radiation exposure to the buildings. Make a U-turn!

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