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PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Hacks, why do people use them?

Last Updated September 1, 2022

Player Unknown Battlegrounds can be the most challenging and abusive game. There is nothing more dumbfounding and incredulously irritating to have victory snatched away from you when you are on the verge of attaining it. Most of the time, this will happen solely because of the other player outclassing you through superior skills or via exceptional hacks and cheats. 

PUBG is a profoundly trying game and it tests its players unlike any other multiplayer competitive game in the genre. It is after all the original Battle Royale game after all. You have to compete against 99 other players on a closed-off island and the final victor is the one who manages to survive till the end. Yes, it is nerve-wracking but that is what makes PUBG special amongst its proponents and fans.

PUBG has a competitive player base that is unlike any other. The gamers that you will find in this game are amongst some of the most serious and dedicated ones in the entire gaming industry. They are those that live, breathe, and devour the game. For them, it is all about dedication and willpower and they don’t go down at even the highest difficulty.

Now, you may be swell-headed and have a pretty decent opinion regarding your prowess in shooter games. Well, sadly you will fail in this game because no matter how good you are, we promise you that there will most certainly be someone better than you. That is because while you might be content to spend about an hour or four on PUBG, these guys live in the game. They are on the game’s competitive multiplayer 24/7 and are constantly striving to enhance their faculties and skills. This stringent and diligent pursuit of excellence makes these players an absolute force to be reckoned with. They can and will break your spirit if it comes to it and there won’t be anything you can do about it.

Even worse, if you turn out to be a beginner at the game, then don’t expect any clemency or lenience from these PUBG pros. They treat every player in the same way. For them, if you pose a threat or are in their way then these guys will waste you without batting an eye. While you are treating this as a game and a mere recreational session, these guys are fervent to the point of fanaticism. So, don’t expect to win against them any time soon, especially if you are a noob.

But, what can one do in this regard? Isn’t it the right of every person to be able to play a game and not have to fret about such heinous challenges and domineering foes? Wouldn’t it be better if you could even the odds? Wouldn’t you like to respond against these guys in a befitting manner? Well, if you are thinking along those lines, then perhaps you too should resort to the usage of PUBG hacks and cheats. The latter are tools and programs that can tip the scales in your favor so that you can counter anything that your enemies throw against you in PUBG’s multiplayer mode. Many people across the globe use PUBG hacks and cheats. If you are curious about these hacks in general and want to learn why people use them, then we are here for you. All the pertinent reasons that compel a person to use cheat and hacks in PUBG are mentioned as follows for your information and facilitation. Go on and enlighten yourself:

Leveling the Field:

The first truth that you need to know is that there are many players in the game that use hacks during a gaming session. You might not be aware of this fact and the other parties will certainly exploit this obliviousness in their favor. You will certainly find it irksome, or rather incendiary to be taken out while you were on a hot streak, or be shot down by a single bullet from a hacker. Instead of giving in to anger, many people tend to go towards that path of hacking themselves as well. That is because it is what they need to even the odds and give the other hackers a taste of their own medicine. No matter how proficient you may be, your aim and accuracy are no match for a guy who is using Aimbot. Also, you can be a consummate cover master and know where to hide and when to strike. But, all your efforts will be rendered moot if the other guy is using ESP. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter how stealthily or silently you approach your target if the latter is using a 2D Radar hack. So, the prudent path would be the one where you use hacks to counter these hackers. You have to fight fire with fire and hey if you can’t beat them then join them.

Enhancing Skills without the Effort:

Anyone can be a gamer but to be a good and skilled gamer you have to put in the hours required. You can’t expect to become a skilled marksman or shooter till you have practiced and then practiced some more. However, this is easier said than done since you will have to keep grinding, and indulging in intense and demanding levels of practice till you have the hang of all the mechanics involved. Only then will you be able to stand amongst the roster of the best players in the game. But this would come at the cost of your social life and in some cases your mental stability as well. Not many people are willing to put in the time due to their societal obligations and other such engagements. That only leaves the path of hacks which promises them all the glory that victory entails while exempting the effort from the equation. That is another reason that motivates people to utilize hacks. These hacks make the task of beating opponents, dodging bullets, climbing the ranks, and becoming a legend attainable. This is perhaps one of the most prominent reasons that drive people towards the usage of hacks in PUBG.

The Pros use them too:

Pros in games are usually those players that stand out from the rest. This can be attributed to their highly augmented levels of excellence in performance and sublime skills within the game concerned. These guys are the faces of the game itself and earn huge amounts of cash through sponsors and other venues for the game. They are what other players covet to be and they are the ones that impress and inspire others to take up their respective games as well. PUBG too has its fair share of pro players. These guys are the real deal and do tend to shine in the scintillating light of prominence more readily. However, most of these players have used hacks in overcoming challenges and getting to the level that they currently hold. This is something that inclined other players to take up hacks as a tool within PUBG as well. Most of these people believe that if pros are resorting to employing hacks within PUBG, then what is there to stop them from doing the same? In a way, pro players that use hacks have increased the number of cheaters within the game and have magnified the problem considerably.

Making up for Deficiencies:

The hard and bitter truth that can’t be denied or refuted is that not everyone is born to be a gamer. We are all equipped with capabilities and special abilities that distinguish us. They are what make us unique. So, it isn’t that difficult to speculate or deduce that some people just aren’t meant to play games. They haven’t been equipped to handle the challenges and swift reflexes that modern games demand. Therefore, they are doomed to be defeated at the hands of their betters perennially. But, is that it? These people aren’t just willing to lie down and take this abuse. They want to experience the thrill, the rush, the adrenaline that comes with defeating your competitors in combat. There are many of these people who won’t sit down and accept their lack of skill. They are willing to do something about it and that is why they go for hacks.

These hacks are what make even the meekest and most untalented of players into a veritable beast. Such a player can become the legend, the absolute master that he or she covets to be with these hacks. PUBG is a game rife with tribulations and difficulties. To traverse and overcome these challenges, a player has to do something to make up for his lack of skill. That is why a player without talent resorts to using hacks just so he can survive in the harsh environment of PUBG.


So, there you have it, all the main reasons why a person uses hacks in PUBG are mentioned above for your scrutiny. If you are interested in using these hacks or are on the fence about them then maybe this article will allay some of your ambivalence.

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