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PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Hacks, What they are and How they Work

Last Updated July 31, 2022

PUBG or Players Unknown Battlegrounds or Battlegrounds may have been nothing more than an initial mod but despite its humble beginnings, it won’t be wrong to call it the progenitor of the “Battle Royale” genre. The game holds a special place in our hearts and that is why we have taken great care in concocting excellent hacks and mods for it. That is because we know just how frustrating it can be to try and win in a game dominated by ultra-skilled players from across the world. Know this, without the aid of our hacks; you don’t stand a favorable chance against the hordes of warriors that are all intent on destroying you and expunging you from the game.

Have we piqued your interest now then eh? Are you willing to give in to the temptation and try out these hacks for yourself? Because once you do, there is no going back. You will savor the immensely sweet fruit of victory through the aid of our hacks and once you have done so, you won’t be willing to go back. The hack packages that we currently have on sale are enumerated as follows for your consideration and convenience:

1. Core Hack Package:

The Core Hack package is one of the most popular ones amongst our clients and that is because it offers a versatile and wide variety of hacks and mods that allow you to dominate the battlefield. This pack is just what you need to enhance your combat prowess and always defeat your enemies with the least amount of effort. This hack package is great for those that are just starting on PUBG but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t apply to seasoned and veteran players either. So, if you want to learn more about this pack and what it offers then read on:

·        HWID Spoofer

·        Aimbot with configurable features

·        ESP for Enemies

·        ESP for Items

·        No Recoil

The first thing that sets this pack apart is the addition of the HWID Spoofer. The latter allows your machine to change its hardware ID. So, in the unlikely event that your account gets banned, your PC will be spared. You can then just start anew with a new account as if nothing occurred at all.

Aimbot is the tool that you need to hit your targets with peerless accuracy. The Aimbot that you get with this pack can be configured per your preference in hitting targets on selected body parts.

You get ESP for detecting enemies with this pack and this effect extends to revealing their positions even behind covers or walls on the map. The Item ESP allows you to seek out and collect coveted and critical resources and items that raise odds in favor of your survival.

You can continue firing with unmatched precision with the No Recoil mod. This mod reduces or removes weapon recoil thereby increasing your precision and accuracy in firing.

This pack is supported by Intel CPUs only but when it comes to GPUs, this pack runs flawlessly with ones from either Nvidia or AMD.

2. Dawn Hack Package:

The Dawn hack package is one of the most flawless and effective hack packs that you will find for any game. This package will allow you to successfully execute the elimination of your Enemies flawlessly and gloriously. You won’t be disappointed if you get this pack for your use. The many hacks and their respective effects that are included in this package are elucidated as follows for your information and convenience:

·        ESP for Details

·        Programmable Aimbot

·        ESP for Supplies and dead bodies

·        2D Radar

·        No Recoil

The first thing that our users will notice and like about this pack is that it comes with a detailed ESP for revealing the health, ammo, and gear status of the enemies. It also tells them about the distance at which an enemy is located from them and the vehicles that are currently on the battlefield. There is another ESP that allows users to keep track of dead bodies and locate important supply drops as well. The whole experience is elevated to a whole other level by the addition of the 2D Radar hack. The latter raises users’ map awareness exponentially by providing them with a detailed account of all that is occurring on the battlefield.

Besides perceptive accentuation, this pack boasts impressive offensive capabilities as well. That is because it comes with an awesome Aimbot that makes short work of the competition. It can be programmed to target the limbs, torso, head, etc. of the targets with immaculate exactness. The effect of the Aimbot is bolstered significantly by the addition of a No Recoil mod which removes or lowers the recoil of your weapons. In doing so, it greatly magnifies their accuracy in hitting the intended targets.

This hack is intended to be used with equal effectiveness on PCs running Intel or AMD CPUs. It also supports both Nvidia and AMD GPUs as well.

3. Hydra Hack Package:

The Hydra Hack Package is one of a kind and like its namesake; it too comes with several mods that can make life a miserable hell for your opponents. These mods are intended to be used with utmost abandon and offense so you would do well to adhere to these principles while using them. They won’t let you down, provided that you have got what it takes to handle them. If there are constraints from your side, mental or otherwise, then even the Hydra Pack won’t be enough to help you in winning. So, if you are interested then we have got the entire scoop about this pack detailed as follows:

·        ESP for Items

·        ESP for Enemies

·        Aimbot with FOV and Smoothing

·        Crosshair

·        Spectator Count

The ESPs that you get in this game cover both Enemies and important resources and items on the battlefield. They and their accurate location will be revealed to players unequivocally so that the advantage in battle and tactical supremacy will all be theirs.

The Aimbot in this pack functions quite the same as the other ones with one great exception and that is the addition of smoothing and FOV. These features enable the Aimbot to function in a more normal and discreet manner. This is integral since these additions make it more difficult for other users to detect and report your use of the Aimbot within the game. They reduce the chances of your getting caught and subsequently banned from the game. The Aimbot itself is deadly and stellar and more than makes up for the absence of a No Recoil mod in this pack.

You also get a Crosshair tool for better tracking and improving precision in the game. Also, the spectator count tool allows you to keep track of the number of players that are still viewing your match. This way you can be careful to a greater degree and practice caution where it is needed.

This package is supported by both Intel and AMD CPUs and can run with both AMD and Nvidia GPUs.

4. Onyx Hack Package:

Last but by no means the least we have got the Onyx Hack package for PUBG. This pack makes survival and subsisting under the constant threats and attacks within PUBG an absolute certainty. This pack is what you need to always come out on the other side as the victor. You will see a magnificent difference in your playing style and ability with this awesome hacks package. The hacks and mods that this pack includes are explained in detail for your enlightenment as follows:

·        ESP for Enemies with Information feature

·        ESP for Items

·        Aimbot

·        No Recoil

This pack comes with ESPs that allow you to keep track of both your enemies and precious items/resources. But, there is one added feature that you will surely like. Firstly, the Enemy ESP can also reveal important information such as the health, ammo, armor, etc. status of your enemies to you. You can also program the Item ESP to search out specific resources or items of your choosing. In short, these ESPs are tailored to your tastes and are there to facilitate you to the maximum extent probable.

The Aimbot that you get with this pack is anything but a knockoff. It is a genuine article and makes eliminating enemies a definite and easy task. Things like fastidious preparation, practice, and accuracy will be a thing of the past if you have got this remarkable Aimbot on your side. Also, the addition of the No Recoil mod complements and augments the effect of the Aimbot to palpably impressive levels.

This hack package has been made to be compatible with either AMD or Intel CPUs. The same holds for GPUs, as well as the Onyx pack, which supports the ones manufactured by both AMD and Nvidia.

Now you know about all the hack packages that we have available for PUBG. You can peruse through them and see which one you like and which will potentially serve you the best. Either way, no matter which package you end up choosing, the prospect of success will be absolute and indubitable for you. We wish you a good day and happy gaming always.

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