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PC Gaming Statistics 2022

Last Updated August 20, 2022

Despite fierce competition from mobile and console gaming markets, PC gaming is still one of the most common types of video gaming. By 2023, the PC Hardware market will be worth $70 billion, demonstrating the continued interest that many people have in using the most powerful hardware in their gaming PC designs.

Additionally, customers continue to favour Steam as their PC gaming platform of choice. With $4.3 billion in revenue in 2017, Steam maintains its position as the market leader in video game sales.


Despite the years-long inflow of sophisticated and inexpensive consoles, PC gaming has persisted as a favourite for many. This is evident in game creation, as 56% of games developed in 2020 were for the PC, which remains the most popular platform. By 2023, the market is anticipated to reach a fantastic value of $39.5 billion.

Updates on PC Gaming over the years

In response to a poll about creativity and productivity when working from home, 32% of game developers stated it was "about the same," 24% said it had "slightly dropped," and 20% said it had "somewhat risen" due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

PC Hardware

The PC gaming hardware market is predicted to be worth 70 billion U.S. dollars by 2023 and is proliferating. Researchers also have a solid understanding of the inner workings of the majority of PC gaming setups, according to a Steam user survey. Analysts know that Nvidia holds a 74% market share for GPUs and that Intel considerably outperforms AMD with a 74.4% share of the CPU industry compared to their 25.6%.

2022 Updates

Gaming laptop shipments were expected to reach 27.8 million units in 2021 and increase to 33.8 million units by 2025. By 2025, there should be 72.9 million gaming PCs.

About 9.83 billion US dollars in sales came from NVIDIA's Graphics sector in 2021, compared to 6.84 billion US dollars from its Compute & Networking segment.

NVIDIA made 7.1 billion in sales in the 3rd quarter of 2021, with their GPU (Graphics Processing Units) business accounting for 45% of this total.

Top 10 Facts And Stats About PC Gamers

PC Gamers Demographic Data

There are 1.77 billion PC gamers worldwide, according to estimates.

Since the development of the first electronic video game in 1958, the world has been completely transformed. In truth, the number of computer gamers has been increasing yearly; thus, this astounding statistic is not surprising.

It is anticipated that the number will keep increasing in the future years, possibly reaching 1.85 billion in 2024.

More than a third of PC gamers worldwide are from Asia.

Asia is the most popular PC gaming continent overall as of 2021, with an estimated 687,000,000 players. Asia also comes out on top when discussing the general gaming population across all platforms. With 468.4 million PC gamers, Europe is in the second position.

With 46% of the community using PCs to play games in 2020, Taiwan seemed to have a tremendous PC gaming penetration.

These are the findings of a global poll taken in 2020.

With a reach of 45% and 44% for PC gaming, China and the Philippines came in second and third, respectively.

According to a poll, 35% of Americans play PC games.

Any video game played on a PC, including internet and social games, is considered PC gaming in this online poll, which was done by EEDAR (a speciality research company for games) in 2018.

It should be noted that there were 5,000 participants from the USA; therefore, the actual figures may vary slightly given the size of the USA population.

It was found that 67% of those 5,000 persons played video games, and 52% played on PCs. Therefore, calculating the computer percentage concerning the overall percentage yields approximately 35%.

In the US, 98 million PC gamers are anticipated to be active each month by 2021.

Despite a minor decline from the last year, this still represents over half of all gamers who use digital devices.

Since more casual players are likely to use cellphone devices to play instead of consoles, the number is also anticipated to decline once the pandemic subsides. However, more gamers are switching to consoles due to the increased cost of PC gaming rigs due to shortages brought on by the epidemic.

According to a report on the demographics of PC gamers, PC gaming is marginally more popular in the US than console gaming.

In contrast to the previously indicated 52% of regular PC gamers, the poll results suggest that 41% of participants play on a console.

Up to 90% of them play on their smartphones. In addition, most players (59%) play on both smartphone and PC or console simultaneously.

The ability to control hardware is why most gamers choose PC over consoles.

EEDAR discovered several factors in 2014 that explain why most gamers favour PCs over consoles.

  • Hardware controllability
  • Improved graphics
  • Cheaper PC gaming
  • Friends network on a computer
  • Sophisticated/customizable
  • A video game archive (Video game library)
  • Better access to multiplayer modes
  • Mod support
  • Computer exclusive games
  • Numerous controller options

The majority of gamers buy PC games digitally from internet stores.

The following are the most popular channels for PC game purchases, according to the same EEDAR analysis.

  • Electronically via internet resources (55%)
  • Physical store/retailer (17%)
  • Retailer-supplied digital copies (12%)
  • Physical copy obtained from a vendor (11%)
  • Avoiding PC game purchases (5%)

In 2020, millennials made up about 56 percent of PC gamers.

According to estimates from last year, millennials (those between the ages of 23 and 38) made up 56% of all active PC gamers worldwide.

Newzoo watched PC and console gaming in the UK, France, Poland, the US, Sweden, and Germany. Most gamers (42%), or over half, were millennials. Gen X (years 39 to 50) represented 19%, Gen Alpha (10 to 15) represented 19%, and Gen Z (ages 16 to 22) represented 20%.

The typical American PC player is 38 years old, according to 2014 research.

The most recent information researchers could uncover regarding computer gamers in the USA dates back seven years and is provided by the NPD Group, a prominent worldwide market research organization.

2,312 of the 6,225 respondents that participated in the analysis were PC gamers. The youngest responders were 9 years old, although the average age of the respondents is substantially older at 38.

The same NPD data shows that 49% of the USA gamers in that year were women.

You might be surprised to learn that, based on the 2014 report mentioned above, the proportion of male and female PC players was nearly equal.

There are more current statistics; however, they include information on all available gaming platforms, not just PCs. According to them, American women will be nearly as interested in video games in 2021 as males will be (45% vs 55%).

A gaming PC is owned by 90% of PC gamers (instead of a typical one).

7,800 people from all around the world, including gamers and non-gamers, participated in this 2017 poll.

People playing video games for an average of 24 years are more likely to possess a gaming PC.

Single-player and offline games are not very appealing to die-hard PC gamers.

According to Lenovo's study on PC gaming habits, players who have been active for an average of ten years like playing online.

Online games with teams appeal to moderate gamers, who have been gaming for an average of 15 years. They seem to choose cooperative games over ones that are viewed as competitive.


These demographic statistics demonstrate the need to dispel several myths regarding PC gaming.

The PC gaming market is evolving, just like any other. The demographics of PC gamers are therefore anticipated to alter over time.

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