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Overwatch Statistics 2022

Last Updated August 15, 2022

Overwatch is a 2016 first-person shooter that emphasises cooperation among players. The game was an instant hit and a social trend that attracted gamers, regular players, and even those who were not interested in video games.

Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind well-known games like Diablo, World of Warcraft, and Starcraft, developed Overwatch. However, a portion of the Titan team chose to take some of the elements they already had prepared for Titan to build another game after the massively multiplayer online role-playing game, which was tipped to be the next big thing, was cancelled. They also intended it to be the Team Fortress 2 with a first-person shooter twist so that it would be superior to certain other online multiplayer arena battle games at the time.

Overwatch was created. Along with it came a cast of heroes with various abilities, traits, and gameplay. Protecting each other's interests and devising methods and strategies to win the rounds would enable players to create diverse groups. The game has quick-witted, jittery action, colourful backgrounds and colours, and character designs that are popular at cosplay events.

Since it has been nearly five years since its debut, it is an excellent time to review the most recent Overwatch data and statistics.

Overwatch User Stats

There was a time when getting away from Overwatch was impossible. It was broadcast everywhere, promoted on YouTube's front page, and suggested to you since you had previously seen a video about giraffes' growing necks. And all of that occurred because spectators and participants actively contributed to it. Are they still there?

68% of the Overwatch eSports followers in 2016 were between the age of 18 and 34.

路       The Overwatch League's professional players are, on average, 19 years old. However, most of them are regarded as veterans, indicating that they began competing very early.

路   Players are, on average, 22 years old.

路   Users on the Blizzard forums appear to believe that most gamers are teens and tweens, with a small percentage of young adults.

From the start, Overwatch was a great draw for the younger crowds. According to rumours, Fortnite's entry into the market contributed to the decline in the number of actively playing players. However, even without that, it is still clear that none of the teams participating in the League have players older than 25. Because there are so many young players, Blizzard had to impose a regulation barring those under 18 from participating in tournaments.

Since its debut, Overwatch has been played by 60 million users.

路       After its release in May 2016, it swiftly attracted 7 million gamers.

路   That number has increased to 20 million by October 2016.

路   The first Blizzard title to surpass 20 million registered players so rapidly was Overwatch.

路   The number of players in the game reached 35 million as of October 2017.

路   The total number of gamers topped 40 million in May 2018.

路   Before the official release, the open beta was tried by 10 million gamers.

Ten million new gamers joined the fun last year, even though the title has not added any new modes or heroes in a while due to the studio's focus on Overwatch 2. As a result, Overwatch continues to attract new users while at a standstill.

Blizzard stated that 10 million active monthly users played Overwatch in Q3 2021.

路 聽 聽 聽 The number of daily active gamers in Q2 2021 was estimated to be between 620,000 and 800,000.

路   The average number of active monthly users would then be 7 million.

Overwatch 1 is not a fading game. Compared to Q2, it even regained steam in Q3. Additionally, all of this was done with only minor stability upgrades and no new content added to the game.

Overwatch had to deal with a lot of controversies.

路       Even though the game did an excellent job at displaying a diverse range of gender ratios and nationalities, some people have taken issue with how sexualized the characters of the females were and the insufficient diversification in female body types.

路 聽 Although Blizzard bans hundreds of thousands of Korean cheaters and hackers each month, they cannot avoid the problem because most of them use PC bangs (Internet caf茅s) to log in and know they can quickly re-register if there is no private account associated with them.

路 聽 Because of players that get hostile and aggressive when a teammate takes too long to catch on or instances of gamers who are willing to harm their team for ulterior motives, the environment has been dubbed toxic. Contrary to Blizzard's true intent, which was to make Overwatch the model of cooperation.

路 聽 Since many nations forbid gambling, there was debate about whether loot boxes might be considered gambling.

路 聽 Bobby Kotick, the CEO of Activision Blizzard, is currently at the heart of a major scandal involving sexual harassment and assault of female workers. The accusations against him indicate that he has been willfully ignoring the problems for years and may even have participated in some of them.

Blizzard has made it clear from the start that they do not want to contribute to the over-sexualization of female characters, which is a gendered issue in the game industry. Sadly, that appears challenging to prevent since female characters were always employed to strike beautiful poses in tightly dressed attire even if they do not unnecessarily reveal too much skin. Unfortunately, with significant advertisers leaving the Overwatch League due to the Kotick incident and CEOs from businesses like PlayStation criticizing how Blizzard handles the situation, Overwatch is suffering.

Overwatch Key Stats

Overwatch has made more than $1 billion overall.

路       The game's in-game expenditure has reportedly hit $1 billion, as of July 2019 reports.

路   This sum includes both unit sales and microtransactions.

路   Overwatch reportedly generated 269 million U.S. dollars in digital sales in May 2016.

路   The game has grossed $565 million in PC sales by the end of 2016.

路   The majority of Blizzard's gaming revenue comes from loot boxes.

Activision Blizzard practically created the idea of looting in multiplayer. Although it is essentially well-liked by gamers, several users have expressed dissatisfaction with how this system handles in-game revenue. Unfortunately, Blizzard has not provided the public with an update on its revenue in the past few years, although it has undoubtedly risen since then.

From 2016 to 2020, the studio got 30 prizes and 30 accolades.

路       It received five accolades and ten awards in 2016.

路   It received sixteen accolades and fourteen awards in 2017.

路   It received three accolades and five awards in 2018.

路   It received five accolades and one award in 2019.

路   It got one accolade in 2020.

Even though 2017 was the most significant year, the game was acknowledged and included in the nominees despite earning fewer awards. And that, over five years, indicates that it is still popular. Additionally, because Overwatch 2 has already been revealed by the studio, Overwatch 1 does not need to be acknowledged now.

Overwatch Usage Stats

Russia, the US, and Brazil have the most players.

路   With 24.91%, the US is in the first place.

路   Russia has 8.11% of the total number of players.

路   Brazil has a player percentage of 7.09%.

路   Germany and the United Kingdom make up the remaining two spots in the Top 5.

The players on this list are not all professionals. It just concerns the everyday and casual gamers.

D.Va currently has a pick rate of 66% among professional players, making her the most played heroine.

路   D.Va: 1238 hours of gaming, a 48 percent win rate, 2988 victories, 3029 defeats, and 146 draws.

路   Zenyatta is ranked #2 with a 48% selection rate, 898 hours of gameplay, a 50% winning rate, 2225 victories, 2134 defeats, and 103 draws.

路   Lucio is ranked #3 with a pick rate of 42%, 777 hours of playtime, a victory rate of 48%, 1858 victories, 1912 defeats, and 91 ties.

路   Brigitte is ranked #4 with a 38% selection rate, 703 hours of gaming, 49% winning rate, 1744 victories, 1712 defeats, and 98 draws.

路   Winston is ranked #5 with a 37% selection rate, 683 hours of gameplay, a 48% winning rate, 1657 victories, 1674 defeats, and 100 draws.

路   Bastion, the last player (#32), finished with a pick rate of 20%, 1 hour of gaming, a victory percentage of 52%, 29 victories, 24 loses, and 3 draws.

路 In all, 32 characters can be found in Overwatch.

D.Va has long been a classic, and not only among athletes of the highest caliber. A sizable number of players actually opted to focus on playing while they were young ladies. She has a beautiful character design (a favorite among female players), relevant dialogue, and adaptive, aggressive gameplay. Unfortunately, she was so good that over time, Blizzard nerfed her.

On Twitch, Overwatch is rated #36.

路       For seven days, there were 12,656 average viewers, 673 average live-streaming channels, 18.8 average viewers per channel, and 2,132,495 average hours viewed.

路   In January 2018, there were 439,152 viewers, while in June 2017, there were 3,559 channels.

路   Over the weekend, 7% more channels stream the game, but only 6% fewer people watch it.

路   To obtain the exclusive right to broadcast Overwatch League events for two years, Twitch invested $90 million in 2019.

路   After purchasing the rights for around $160 million, YouTube has become the League's new only broadcast partner.

Both streaming and watching Overwatch are simple tasks. Additionally, it might generate a lot of humorous or tense moments.


Overwatch began as a popular trend. It was a component of those video games that might draw in players who had no prior interest in them. But, of course, that was primarily brought on by the hype that "normies" created until they gave up on it. But does that imply that the game eventually ended? Without a doubt, no.

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