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How long do HWID bans last?

Last Updated August 11, 2022

What Is HWID

An HWID, which stands for Hardware ID or Hardware Identification, is a security feature employed by Microsoft when the Windows operating system is activated. A distinct HWID number is produced as part of the Product Activation system when the operating system is initially installed on a piece of hardware. The HWID identifies the hardware that the system is using.

To confirm that the operating system is still running on the same device, the operating system generates a new HWID number after each reboot and compares it to the original.

HWID is designed to ensure that the operating system is only used on the devices for which it was obtained and registered. As a result, users may encounter issues while upgrading or installing hardware, such as Ethernet adapters, CD-R drives, sound cards, or motherboards, as these components create new HWIDs.

What Is An HWID Ban

An HWID ban occurs when the game completely bans your PC in addition to your gaming account. In addition, the game will scan your computer and create a unique code depending on its parts and configuration to verify that you are you.

An HWID (Hardware Identifier) is a code that only belongs to your PC. When you utilize the game, and someone else detects the identical HWID, they may quickly ban your new account or limit your access to the game altogether.

How Long Do HWID Bans Last

Although a ban often disappears after 7-8 days, be aware that you can still receive a permanent ban during this period for specific reasons. If a shadow ban has been given and lasts seven days before a player is unbanned, the player was reported for something rather than being HWID banned. If the player keeps acting this way and using hacks or cheats, they will eventually be HWID banned, which will last forever.

This implies that players who obtain a hardware (HWID) ban will be permanently blocked from the game and won't be able to open a brand-new, free account and resume their cheating habits.

Are HWID Bans Permanent

If you use hacks or cheats on a loader for games like Hyperscape, Rust, PUBG, EFT, etc., you risk getting banned, and unless you use excellent software, the ban will be permanent.

How To Get Rid Of An HWID Ban

Install EFT and BSG Launcher using the Advanced scan feature of Revo Uninstaller, ideally the Pro edition (make sure the system restore points are turned off).

Following that, you have a few options:

       i.          Get a spoofer. A spoofer is a software that will "spoof" or alter your drive, motherboard, UUID, etc. serials on your computer for a brief period (or permanently, depending on your spoofer) to ensure that they are not the blocked serials from your HWID ban when BattlEye authenticates your serials the next time you play. Most spoofers are transient; thus, the original serials will return when you restart your computer.

     ii.          Swap the drives. Unplug any connected drives during the ban, then install fresh ones. For example, if you had two drives plugged in, you could not swap just one of them. They must all be changed.

   iii.          Raid0 your drives. You can effectively make your drive serial numbers all 0's if you have two or more drives by using raid0. This is a helpful technique, but remember that nobody is sure that BattlEye monitors drive serials.

HWID Bans In Trending Games

1.     HWID Ban in Fortnite

HWID bans on Fortnite or IP address bans can occur for various causes or have no justification. These things occasionally happen. Both your ping and connection speed may be too high. Maybe your VPN server has been blocked by Epic Games. You may have broken one or more of Fortnite's rules in the worst situation.

·   How long does an HWID Ban in Fortnite last

The duration of a temporary ban might range from 7 to 30 days, whereas account bans are often permanent.

·   Types of Bans in Fortnite

Epic Games typically impose three different bans:

       i.          The initial ban affects your IP address and is transitory; it does not affect your account itself. It may happen if Epic Games notices you have accessed the Fortnite servers using a VPN service. Quit from your regular VPN server and join another server to receive a new IP, preferably one that Epic Games won't recognize, and return to your squad. It could be time to move to a better VPN if it doesn't work.

     ii.          The second kind of prohibition is more severe. The game developers may permanently ban both your username and IP address if you are found to be abusing the rules or cheating. You will have to start over in this situation: Reinstall Fortnite on your device, create a new account with a different username, and then connect to a VPN server to get a new IP address. 

   iii.          An HWID ban is the third category of prohibition. At this point, your system component IDs are prohibited by Epic Games (SSD or GPU). Fortnite cannot be played on your current system as a result. However, your account won't be impacted, so you must use a different computer or device as it is a permanent ban.

2.     HWID Ban in Warzone

Warzone's principal creator, Raven Software, has acknowledged that it now bans players' hardware for cheating in addition to their accounts. In theory, since the ban is connected to a specific hardware ID that is connected to the player's PC, this stops cheaters from just making new accounts.

·   How long does An HWID Ban in Warzone last

The low-level HWID prohibitions might be temporary (typically three months) or permanent. Unfortunately, people have discovered that cleaners or spoofers can be used to get around the permanent ban (it depends on bios security and PC setup).

·   Types of Permanent Bans in Warzone

Activision personally reviews all permanent bans.

       i.          Permanent Ban on One Account: You might have used an unlock-all tool, injected wrongly, had your tool detected, or been identified as a spoofer (there could be more reasons).

Outcome: A single account was banned. The Blizzard account is still operational. Therefore you may access CW despite the blocked MW account. The best way to remove all tracer files is often to install Windows from scratch and reformat the hard disc. Alternately, employ a spoofer. However, spoofers might be unpredictable or hit and miss in this situation.

     ii.          Permanent Ban – HWID (Low Level): Activision is furious with you. No matter how often you reinstall Windows or erase your hard drive, you will always be shadow banned in games from 1 to 7, thanks to their HWID restriction. Usually determined by tools, spoofers, chairs, or whether you have broken the law before. Activision uses a banned identification based on a list of your HWIDs to generate a unique identifier for you. Therefore, if you change only your HDD or SSD while you are HWID-barred, you will still be prohibited, and your new HW has only been introduced to your unique identification number. It is difficult to tell what they have assigned a low-level HWID prohibition to, but based on study and research, it is safe to say that it is typically two-thirds of the HW components (SSD, MOBO, and HDD). So say goodbye to the cold war because you have also lost your blizzard account.

Outcome: As mentioned earlier, these bans could be temporary or permanent. Cleaners or spoofers can be used as a solution for these bans.

   iii.          Permanent Ban – HWID (Severe): Activision has destroyed your PC. Your CPU, HDD, MOBO, SDD, and GPU have all been HWID banned. RAM is impossible since RAM often displays as 00000. No matter how often you format your hard drive or reinstall Windows, you will always be shadow blocklisted from 1–7 games. Usually due to chairs, tools, spoofers, or repeat offenders being identified or discovered to distribute or be a part of a network (challenging and highly unusual to determine from Activision's standpoint). Your HWIDs are included in Activision's banned identification, and they use this information to generate a unique identity for you. Therefore, if you change only your HDD or SSD while you are HWID-barred, you will still be prohibited, and your new HW has only been introduced to your unique identification number.

You might as well buy a new PC as pretty much everything of your identifying HW has been logged and prohibited. It is difficult to tell if you are HWID Low Banned or Severe HWID Banned because it generally costs money to figure out what has to be changed and swapped out, etc. Also, Coldwar is over, and the Blizzard account has also been blocked.

Outcome: Permanent HWID ban on all accounts. Activision won't likely change this until they stop the MW's engine. Does not impact Cold War unless your MW Blizzard account and CW account are the same. A new PC is advised, or a highly effective covert spoofer/cleaner (Not all PCs are created equal) or go to a different game (spoofers and cleaners might not function on all PCs).


An HWID ban can last forever if a player is not cautious after receiving a temporary ban. Therefore, spoofing HWID is an effective technique to keep playing your favourite game even after receiving permanent bans.

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