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Last Updated August 23, 2022

Electronic Arts are the publisher of the football simulation game FIFA 22. On October 1, 2021, it was made available across all platforms for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 5. The FIFA series' 29th game is Fifa 22. However, those who pre-ordered the final edition got early access for four days and could start playing the game on September 27.

Kylian Mbappé is featured as the cover athlete for the second year running.

Due to the Russian assault on Ukraine in 2022, EA banned Belarusian and Russian players from participating in FIFA 22 and deleted the Russian teams from all editions of their football video games (as of the 1.22 patch).


HyperMotion Technology

In FIFA 22, "HyperMotion Technology" is introduced, using motion capture data from 22 actual players who participated in a complete, intense football match while wearing motion capture suits. The gameplay of FIFA 22 is driven by data gathered from player aerial duels, movements, tackles, and on-ball activities. 

As per press release from EA Sports, FIFA 22 includes that information in the machine-learning system that generates realistic player actions and animations on & off the ball in actual time using more than "8.6 million frames of enhanced match footage." Only the Stadia and 9th Generation editions of the game have the "HyperMotion" feature, which inspired the tagline "Powered By Football."

Career Mode

In FIFA 22, there is a single-player "career mode" where players may play as players or managers throughout a 15-year career. In the manager career mode of FIFA 22, there is now a make-a-club option that lets players construct a brand-new team with unique uniforms, a crest, and a home stadium. Using experience points to unlock gamer skills and "perks" to boost stats, users may grow their characters in Career mode by gaining levels.

·   Ultimate Team

In the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team game mode, players may assemble a team and compete in online or offline matches to gain cards like "FUT Heroes" that they can use to bolster their squad. "FUT Heroes" cards, representing various players with unique ratings and traits, were added to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. The complete list of heroes is as follows: Tim Cahill, Jorge Campos, Sami Al-Jaber, Iván Córdoba, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Jerzy Dudek, Joe Cole, Mario Gómez, Diego Milito, Fernando Morientes, Robbie Keane, Lars Ricken, Antonio Di Natale, Aleksandr Mostovoi, and David Ginola.

VOLTA Football

With the help of new VOLTA mechanisms in FIFA 22, players can activate unique skills to increase their avatar's proficiency in a particular characteristic. Power Strike, Pure Pace, and Aggressive Tackle are the three possible Signature Abilities. In addition, various online minigame types that are a part of the brand-new VOLTA Arcade will allow FIFA 22 users to play and engage with up to three other players.

Pro Clubs

Players may design their virtual persona to compete in 11v11 live matches in the game mode called Pro Clubs. In an online game, players may control their virtual avatars on the field while competing against up to 10 other pals. A player's avatar's physical size may be changed, which impacts their in-game skills. 

For instance, a taller avatar would often run slower than the shorter one. Pro Clubs play more video games and have successful matches, so their avatars improve over time. Players may also alter a number of aspects of their team, including the stadium's logo, uniforms, and aesthetics.

Player Traits

Players can change their in-game habits by using their traits. Each characteristic serves a particular purpose, depending on whether the machine or a user is directing the player. Four categories have been established for qualities: VOLTA Football traits, Career Mode, attributes, Standard traits, and CPU AI traits. 

The Standard attributes, which include various types of shots, passing abilities, throw-ins, dribbling skills, and gamer health, impact how the user and CPU handle the player. CPU AI attributes offer similar talents to Standard traits; however, they only affect the player while the computer is in charge of them. Finally, VOLTA Football and Career Mode attributes can affect the player only in their respective game modes.


More than 30 leagues with formal licences, 700 clubs, and over 17,000 players are in the game. In addition, the Europa Conference League (UEFA), the third division of EU club football inaugurated in 2021, and the Indian League with its eleven clubs were introduced. Additionally, the Brentford Stadium, the team's home venue, was included in the game via an update in January 2022, giving each of the 20 Premier League clubs its stadium.



There are two editions of FIFA 22: an Ultimate Edition and a Standard Edition. FIFA 22 lacks the Champions Edition that was included in earlier games in the series. Pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition gave players access to several goodies and early access of four days.

Standard Edition

The basic version of FIFA 22 costs $59.99 on consoles from previous generations, such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and $69.99 on upcoming consoles like the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Pre-ordering the standard edition qualified players for the following bonuses:

  • Team of the Week's First Player Item
  • Loan Item Kylian Mbappe
  • Player Selection for FUT Ambassador
  • In Career Mode Localized Talent

Ultimate Edition

FIFA 22's ultimate edition sold for $99.99 across all systems. In addition to receiving the same perks as those who pre-ordered the regular edition, those who did so also received the following advantages:

  • Ones to Watch player item that cannot be traded
  • 4,600 points on FIFA
  • Free console upgrades for the next generation are a dual entitlement.
  • Early Access of Four Days


In most cases, FIFA ambassadors are well-known active or retired athletes who appear on the game's cover, loading screens, Ultimate Team packs, and advertising campaigns. The official game ambassadors are David Alaba, Phil Foden, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Son Heung-Min, Christian Pulisic, and Alphonso Davies. In addition, Yka Kageyama, a musician and television host, has been named the Japanese market's ambassador.



77% of FIFA 22 sales during the initial week following its release were digital downloads, a considerable increase over the 62% for FIFA 21, the game's predecessor from the previous year. More than 9 million hard copies of FIFA 22 had been sold globally as of Dec 2021, according to EA, and more than 460 million matches had been played. 

According to GFK, a data analytics company, FIFA 22 sold the most copies of any game in 17 of the 19 European countries they studied. Second-place finisher was Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


Fifa 22 was nominated for The Game Awards 2021 in Racing Game/Best Sports category and won the Guild of Music Supervisors Awards 2022 in the Best Music Supervision for a Video Game.


According to review aggregator Metacritic, FIFA 22 garnered "generally positive" reviews for its PC versions, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5. The Nintendo version, meanwhile, received harsh criticism from critics for being substantially unaltered from FIFA 21 (which itself had not altered significantly from FIFA 19 and FIFA 20). FIFA 22 was praised for being the franchise's most remarkable new entry in recent years in a review by Bleacher Report due to its HyperMotion feature. 

Players responding to hits from powerful throws and more flexible players seeming notably more fast and flexible are a few examples of these changes. Additionally, FIFA 22 utilizes the graphics capability of next-generation systems with more affluent and more realistic visual effects, according to the well-known video gaming review website IGN. The FIFA 22 soundtrack had one of the most extensive playlists in recent years, according to IGN.


A report by the Norwegian Consumers Council examined a case study on FIFA 22's use of treasure boxes.

The study was highly critical of the system, suggesting that a player would need to buy 847 Jumbo Rare Player Packs in total, spending close to 1.7 million FIFA Points, or around €13,500, to obtain a Team of the Year Kylian Mbappé promotional card. The card also specified that to obtain it without actual money; the gamer would need to play consistently for more than three years to accumulate enough points to pay for the typical packs required.

After examining some of the techniques used in the game to persuade players to make in-game purchases, the report came to the conclusion that "it seems clear that these games' in-game purchase designs and processes are predatory, deceptive, and extremely aggressive, always looking for user vulnerabilities."

Professional Tournaments

EA Sports hosts the FIFA 22 Global Series, a collection of online competitions. Players compete in groups of one or two in the tournaments, which are only available on the PlayStation 5, for in-game awards and cash prizes. Users must either play in the Global Series Opens or their respective areas for high leaderboard ranks to qualify for the tournament. The top competitors in their respective regions compete in events known as Global Series Opens, where victors receive cash awards ranging from $3,500 to $10,000.

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