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FIFA 22 Statistics 2022

Last Updated August 17, 2022

Electronic Arts is the publisher of the football simulation game FIFA 22. It was made available on 1 October 2021 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and PlayStation 5. This is the 29th version in the FIFA game series. Nevertheless, those who managed to pre-order the ultimate edition got a few days of early access and started playing the game on 27 September.

Since the 1.22 patch, EA has banned the Russian teams from all editions of its football games and disqualified Russian and Belarusian footballers or gamers from participating in FIFA 22 due to the Russian 2022 intrusion of Ukraine.

Fifa 22 Player Count

Since its release, FIFA 22 has been played at least once by over 9 million gamers. Of course, the actual number might be more significant given the possibility of shared game copies being used by numerous players. However, the business has a solid sales track record, so the figure is expected.

EA has been producing several revenue-generating games like The Sims and FIFA 22 long before Apex Legends has become a great sensation. The contest was formerly regarded as the most well-liked sports contest in the entire world. This demonstrates how popular soccer is all around the globe. Now let's examine FIFA 22's performance in 2022.

According to a Dexerto article, EA has previously acknowledged that as of December 2021, more than 9 million individuals had played FIFA 22. According to the firm, 9.1 million gamers have already signed up for the game. In addition, 460 million rounds were played, and 7.6 million Team squads were also established.

One of the more well-known sports simulation games is undoubtedly FIFA. The brand has now surpassed 325 million cumulative sales since the release of the first FIFA game, which is a significant number when compared to certain other sports sims. Other sports simulators, meanwhile, do not appear to make the cut. For example, the same source claims that Madden NFL has sold 130 million copies, compared to 111 million for Pro Evolution Soccer, 118 million for NBA 2K, and only 34 million for Football Manager.

Maximum Number Of Players Per Day

EA has not disclosed the maximum number of players for FIFA 22 daily. However, statistics on the number of gamers utilizing Steam to play the game FIFA 22 is available from Steam Charts. According to Steam Charts, the soccer simulation game reached an all-time high of 89,499 views on Steam. They recently hit such high levels on an unspecified day in February.

Peak players per day from Oct 2021 to Feb 2022

In October 2021, peak players per day were 51,573.

In November 2021, peak players per day were 58,904.

In December 2021, peak players per day were 75,462.

In January 2022, peak players per day were 73,870.

In February 2022, peak players per day were 89,499.

Player Count By Country

Unfortunately, there are no statistics on the locations where FIFA 22 is most frequently played. However, the most recent analysis, which provided an approximate estimate for FIFA 20, can be seen at themoney.co. According to their research, Brazil has 4.04%, Russia has 4.32%, the UK has 5.28%, Germany has 5.36%, the USA has 24.74%, and the other nations make up the remaining proportion of players.

The most popular video game in 17 European states is FIFA 22, according to a claim on Twinfinite.net, even though no study on which state has the most players was conducted. Soccer is a very well-liked sport in Europe; that is probably why.

Player Count By Device

There is no survey on the number of players per country, and there are no estimated player count stats for the devices either. Nevertheless, according to Steam Charts' statistics, people know that more than 89,000 gamers are on the PC alone. Other devices, however, remain in the dark. To the point that FIFA fans are comparing the visuals of FIFA 22 on various platforms, it appears that FIFA is also a pretty popular game on consoles. In essence, Sports claims that FIFA 22 looks better on the PlayStation 5 than it does on any other system.

How Many People Left Fifa 22

It is too soon to determine if players have already given up on the game. The game was just published on 27 September 2021, and according to its statistics, it continues to appear as though its user population and active player base are rapidly growing. The statistics from Steam Charts reveal the monthly active users and if there seems to be an expansion or reduction in players in Steam alone, even though researchers lack the data for active players who own the game on consoles.

Monthly Gain/Loss in Fifa 22 Players from Nov 2021 to Feb 2022

In November 2021, the loss in active players was 982.5 (3.69%).

In December 2021, the gain in active players was 9,813 (38.26%).

In January 2022, the gain in active players was 5,653 (15.94%).

In February 2022, the gain in active players was 3,001 (7.30%).

Fifa 22 Revenue Stats

Since its release, EA has not disclosed how much money FIFA 22 has brought for them. However, the business did acknowledge that the soccer game helped to make the fourth quarter of last year one of the most significant to occur in the history of the business. Forbes states that the corporation reported $2.577 billion in net bookings for the fourth quarter. As a result, the sum is $177 million higher than the prior year.

EA said that the launch of FIFA 22 was primarily responsible for this success. For many years, the FIFA video game series has consistently been a significant source of revenue. However, FIFA's launch last year was the most successful, with double-digit sales growth. Despite people's reluctance to get outside owing to COVID-19, FIFA 22 also had the most physical copy sales last year. The UK, Mario Kar 8 Deluxe, and Minecraft were the three countries that purchased the most hard copies of the game, according to the Game Industry

Fifa 22 Twitch Stats

On Twitch, FIFA 22 is not performing too poorly. It may not be among the ten most streamed games, but it still occupies a significant position. The game is Twitch's 17th broadcast item as of this writing. On 21 January 2022, 786k Twitch users broadcast content relevant to FIFA 22. On 28 January 2022, 6,280 networks simultaneously broadcasted FIFA 22. The new games that have been launched might be to blame for the decline in views. As a result, after the excitement around the latest games subsides, FIFA 22 may be ranked higher.

On weekends compared to weekdays, 18% more networks are streaming FIFA 22. However, the number of viewers appears to be almost the same on average on any day, suggesting no discernible pattern among them. Twitch Tracker is the source of all of this information.

Fifa 22 Reception


In the first week following its release, 77% of FIFA 22's sales were digital downloads, a considerable increase over the 62% for FIFA 21 from the previous year. More than 9 million physical copies of FIFA 22 had been sold globally by December 2021, according to EA, and over 460 million sessions had been played. According to GFK, a data analytics company, FIFA 22 sold the most copies in 17 out of the 19 European countries included in their analysis.


Fifa 22 won the Guild of Music Supervisors Award for the category of Best Music Supervision for a Video Game.


According to review aggregation Metacritic, FIFA 22's Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and PC versions of the game have received "generally good" reviews. The Nintendo Switch version, meanwhile, received harsh criticism from critics for being substantially unaltered from FIFA 21. FIFA 22 was praised for being the franchise's most remarkable new entry in recent years in a review by Bleacher Report due to its HyperMotion feature

Players responding to hits from powerful throws and more flexible players being significantly faster and more efficient are some of the changes. Additionally, FIFA 22 utilizes the graphics capability of next-generation systems with more affluent and more realistic visual effects, according to the well-known game review site IGN. The FIFA 22 soundtrack had one of the most extensive playlists in recent years, according to IGN.

Fascinating Facts About Fifa 22

In a piece by Aroged that was released in October 2021, several fascinating facts were revealed. The article claims that FIFA 22 has been downloaded and played in 228 nations in less than one month since its debut. In the meanwhile, 89 million match sessions are completed each day.

Around 700 teams, 17,000 licensed players, 100 venues, over 30 competitions, and FIFA 22. Meanwhile, in only one month, the game has already seen the creation of over 3.1 million unique clubs. Therefore, FIFA 22 got off to a strong start in 2021, and so far, 2022 appears to be another promising year for the game.

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