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FairFight Anti-Cheat Explained

Last Updated August 17, 2022

Anti-Cheat software and programs are the last line of defense against unscrupulous individuals who thrive on cheating and using hacks. They are the ones that will sacrifice the experience of gaming for all involved if it means gleaning pleasure and triumph for solely their gain. This is certainly a selfish pursuit but it is also one that is greatly detrimental to the entire game as well.

It mars and irrevocably tarnishes the repute and value of a game. Players might even abandon the game completely if cheating is allowed to run rampant within a game. That is something that no developer can tolerate or abide by. This necessitates action that is swift and consummately effective.

Towards that end, many publishers and developers have started using anti-cheat software and pertinent tools in their games. These programs aim to deter and dissuade players that delve into cheating to wreak havoc within a game. These Anti-Cheat programs vary in terms of effectiveness. Some are more refined and effective while others are subpar and ultimately crumble before the cheaters. Then some manage to perform their assigned tasks quite admirably.

One of these systems is called the FairFight Anti-Cheat program. This is a server-side tool for the prevention of cheating in a game and has been developed by GameBlocks. It has been the preferred anti-cheat system of choice by several AAA Studios and game developers. That is because it provides utmost transparency and effectiveness in the detection and elimination of cheating threats within a game. Developers like EA, Ubisoft, Crytek, Hoplon, Popcap, etc. use FairFight and some of the more popular games that are currently utilizing this system include Battlefield, Battlefield: Hardline, Battlefield 1, The Division, Titanfall 1 & 2, Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2, Rainbow Six Siege, etc. Suffice to say, it is an amazing system and has proven itself many times as a potent and superior deterrent against cheating. FairFight is one of the best and most prominent tools used to prevent cheaters from employing hacks and cheats within games.

It is a non-invasive, adaptable, and server-sided engine and utilizes agnostic technology. The latter functions in real-time scenarios as well. FairFight doesn’t have to be installed or operate on the computers of the users or even on the game’s server. It also doesn’t assess the devices of the players or constantly search for the newest cheats. FairFight instead utilizes exclusive database structures and a rule engine to gauge players’ actions in gameplay and even the odds for everyone playing. These player actions are measured with various statistical markers to delineate cheating activities when they occur.

If you are interested in learning more about FairFight and what it has to offer, then we have you covered. All that you would need to know in this regard has been elucidated in detail as follows for your convenience and information. So, go on and better inform yourself:

What is FairFight Anti-Cheat?

FairFight works in a quite straightforward and effective manner. It crosschecks the indicators of players’ gameplay by employing tools for reporting that are neutral and server-side. They take counteractive steps when both of these are associated with cheating. Fairlight has shown to be quite effective at dissuading and obstructing cheaters through its graduated penalty system. This means that the system first warns the cheaters, then restricts them, and finally, bans/suspends them if they persist in their violations. FairFight suppresses cheaters by implementing timely and apt punishments automatically. It notifies these miscreants/cheaters at the same time that they will be subjected to further stringent punishments if they continue to cheat.

Key Features:

The FairFight Anti-cheat system has been the preferred choice of many publishers and game developers when it comes to the neverending battle against cheating and hackers. This system provides unmatched automation, integrity, and statistics about the game. This is what makes FairFight so amazing and that is why this anti-cheat system is for everyone.

Game Integrity System:

FairFight comes with a trademark Integrity system that provides game developers and publishers with the facility to assess all gameplay aspects. The tool also allows developers to take punitive actions in all aspects of the gameplay as well. FairFight and its rule engine, database system, and inbuilt notification system allow users to better comprehend their game and its usage modes by others. FairFight is a great alternative to the lengthy and extravagantly expensive process of developing countermeasures against cheating practices.

FairFight utilizes GameBlocks and makes the prospect of customizing user queries about assessment of any gameplay activity that evinces data effective and efficient. GameBlocks requires very little integration and also offers rule sets that have been predefined as well. FairFight and its integrity system make halting unwanted gameplay and assessment of the game itself for improving gameplay a reality.

Player Statistics:

FairFight also allows for the generation of detailed gameplay statistics of the game across different parameters. The exact parameters over which FairFight is applicable can be listed as follows:

  • Information about the player and his status
  • Location of the player along with overlay map of the game
  • Lists of players that allow for easier and more convenient tracking of each player
  • Notes on players that can be accessed by Administrators
  • Action buttons that bear commands for screenshots, cooldown, kill, suspend, etc. statistics
  • Visual representation of statistical rankings related to players

Automatic Notification System:

FairFight also allows users to identify any group or subgroup of games within no time at all. Automatic notifications can be sent to these cheating players on a frequent or variable interval. Gaming executives, developers, techs, and other users can be linked into the system of FairFight without any hassle or predicament at all.  

FairFight can Take Screenshots as well:

FairFight has an inbuilt feature of optionally taking screenshots from time to time within the game. This is great for recording any playing statistics that might be construed as cheating or hacking the game. FairFight can then order the game’s client to take a screenshot of the desktop window. The staff responsible for scrutiny can then view these screenshots. The player whose screenshots exhibit usage of ESP or any other hack will then be banned from the game till further notice. This isn’t an uncommon feature as many other anti-cheat systems use it as well.

Now, you might be curious as to how this feature works and captures specific screenshots with ease. That is because FairFight utilizes BitBlt(), an API GDI function in Windows that records data associated with pixels from the screen.

How FairFight Works:

FairFight utilizes two approaches that support each other and are overlapping to expose cheaters. The system also performs an algorithmic analysis of statistics of the players and cheat detection on the server-side. AAPS or Algorithmic Analysis of Player Statistics matches the gameplay statistics and performance markers of each player against a predetermined set of averages that has been acquired from the total number of players in the game. FairFight employs these results to locate anomalies of the statistical level that point towards the usage of cheats and hacks.

  • FairFight generates an algorithmic analysis of statistics of the players on an automatic basis
  • The system employs Server Side detection for Cheats identification to compare statistics of players
  • FairFight authenticates any anomaly in the algorithmic analysis of findings regarding player statistics
  • The system allows users to record player penalties and assigns commensurate punishments as well

How to Bypass FairFight:

As we mentioned before, no Anti-Cheat system is truly impervious to being bypassed or beaten. The hackers are a tenacious bunch; you have to give them that. They stop at nothing and keep striving to defeat an obstinate anti-cheat program vehemently. This continues till they discover that much-needed chink in said program’s resolute armor. The same is true for FairFight as there have been proven means to bypass it. That is because it has got its own set of vulnerabilities. These are:

  • An inability to scan for hacks on player devices
  • Can’t perform any form of ant-debug
  • Can’t block debuggers or anti-cheat engine
  • Can’t search out or locate external or internal cheats
  • There is no detection in FairFight based on signature
  • There is no need for any fancy things like manual mapping and such

It is imperative that developers patch them up as leaving them unattended can lead to catastrophically alarming ramifications. That is because these vulnerabilities make it essentially easier to bypass FairFight with ease.. You should be fine as long as you refrain from teleporting within the game, speed hacking, using Rapid Fire Hacks, Spinbot, Aimbot with large FOV, and others that can get people suspicious. You can also prevent being detected by FairFight if you practice caution while using hacks like ESP and Aimbot during a gaming session.

To sum up, FairFight is an excellent Anti-Cheat measure and can be the tool that you are looking for to deal with pesky cheaters soundly. However, as is the case with everything technological, it isn’t flawless. You will have to take the bad with the good and no matter what, you can’t refute or deny the effectiveness that this tool evinces in the least.

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