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Different types of game bans - Understanding Different Ban Types Guide

Last Updated August 6, 2022

The original purpose of game bans was to allow independent developers to build their anti-cheat system in addition to the Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) system. Game bans are another feature of CS: Overwatch GO's system. With game bans, developers may use Valve's infrastructure for banning instead of setting up their ban tracking system.

Game bans were most recently applied to players' Steam profile pages. Two causes led to this action. The initial purpose was to explain why prohibited users could not connect to a secure matching server. When they attempted to join a matchmaking server but received an error and could not notice any bans on their account, many gamers were perplexed. The second motivation was to enable other users to verify if banned accounts they believed were fraudulent. Playing a game with a cheater may be irritating, so knowing when they have been eliminated from the matchmaking system is helpful.

How Do Game Bans Work

When a disruptive player is detected in a game, the creators notify Valve, and Valve bans the account from playing the game. The choice to impose a game ban is exclusively the developer's responsibility. Only on the developer's instructions does Valve carry out the game ban.

Competitive Game Bans

Competitive game bans are implemented to maintain the competitive scene's fairness and banish rule breakers that repeatedly violate the rules.

The Ranked SkyWars prohibitions, which have been in effect since January 2018, have been extended to competitive games. After an Exploiting, Boosting, or Blacklisted Modifications ban has ended, these bans impose further limitations on playing games we classify as "Competitive."

You cannot participate in Tournaments, Ranked SkyWars, Mega Walls, UHC Champions, or The Pit if you have a competitive ban.

How Do Competitive Game Bans Work

You must serve the standard server-wide ban period if you are banned for exploiting, boosting, or blocklisting modifications. After this ban expires, competitive gaming bans are implemented.

  • If it is your first offense, you will be out of commission for the balance of the month you were previously unbanned as well as one more month.
  • If it is your second offense, you will be barred for the remaining three months of the month you were unbanned and the following month.
  • If it is your third offense, you will be permanently barred from playing in any competitive games.

Difference Between A Game Ban And A VAC Ban

The game creator issues a game ban, but the Valve Anti-Cheat system gives a VAC ban. This is the sole distinction. A-VAC ban may also be provided for several games (usually all using the same engine).

  • VAC bans are issued automatically by Valve's anti-cheat system or manually by staff members.
  • Users, third parties, or game developers can impose game bans (such as CS: GOs Overwatch, and that results in a game ban after a community vote based on replays).
  • If VAC discovers the user in question, game bans may be extended to VAC bans.

Game bans must always adhere to the VAC regulations; for instance, they cannot prevent a player from playing the game offline. Therefore, a gaming ban is essentially the same; it is only issued by a different mechanism and perhaps for various (more) reasons than merely cheating.

First, a VAC ban for certain games applies to a large variety of games; if you're banned in one, you're prohibited in all. Additionally, the VAC ban exclusively relates to game cheating by altering their behavior through third-party tools or game code. Finally, it is implemented automatically using an outside tool that checks the integrity of the game as it is being played and finds code modifications.

Developers' ban, AKA game ban, only pertains to the specific game in which you cheated and is applied to any notably disruptive players, such as those that engage in griefing, competitive game cheating, serious chat etiquette violations, etc. It can be used manually or with specific tools the game has included.

Game Bans For Trending Games

CS: GO Bans

In its Overwatch system, CS: GO also employs game bans.

Various Types of CS: GO Bans

In Counter-Strike Global Offensive, there are five different categories of bans. Their common names are mentioned here.

VAC Bans

These are permanently imposed penalties for cheating.

Overwatch Bans

Minorly Disruptive (griefing): This type of ban lasts for one month/30 days. The second griefing ban is permanent.

Majorly Disruptive (cheating wall/aim/other external hacks): This type of ban is permanent.

Additionally, accounts that obtain a second conviction for griefing are given Major Convictions.

Account Untrusted Bans

These restrictions are unequivocal, suitable, and unalterable. Over time, they will transform into a VAC ban.

Competitive Matchmaking Bans

For quitting matches and failing to rejoin in time, competitive matchmaking cooldowns are applied (within 3 minutes).

Skill Placement Competitive Cooldowns

You will be restricted to a specific number of competitive games per day as a new player with fewer than ten competitive victories.

PUBG Mobile Ban

Any suspected problem with gaming or any alterations to your Pubg Mobile game files will result in a Pubg Mobile ban, according to the game. In addition, you will undoubtedly receive a ban from 10 minutes to 10 years if it is discovered, depending on the specific anomalous condition in your game.

Types of PUBG Mobile Bans

  • 60 sec Ban
  • 10 min Ban
  • One week Ban
  • 10 Year Ban

Your account will be banned if you employ a hack or any other program that tricks Pubg Game behavior.

Why PUBG Mobile Accounts Get Banned

Unlike in the past, when all cheating or hacking was publicly visible on the Pubg Mobile leader board, the anti-cheating system constantly monitors players' in-game conduct. In addition, the system will penalize your account if you break any Pubg Mobile rules while playing.

  • Initially, if any cheating tools, such as Game Guardian or Root, are found in the game using a harsh application.
  • Using any unapproved third-party application to access the game that modifies the client file's data.
  • Any unlawful modifications to client file data, such as: Eliminating or modifying the in-game grass models.
  • Play the game using a client that isn't official.
  • Participants may lose their profiles or money if other game players commit fraud or promote unlawful content or websites.
  • Team games where players repeatedly cheat.
  • Recharge UC using any unlawful payment method.
  • Join forces with members of another team.

How 10 Min Ban Occurs

Different Pubg Mobile users may utilize the 10-minute ban for good. Still, it may also be detrimental to players if they are discovered utilizing host files to block Pubg Mobile IP addresses. The host file breaks the connection between Game and Pubg Mobile servers. Suppose you're using it for good if a hacker obtained your Pubg Mobile account and you want to detach that detailed login information, you must utilize a virtual space to receive a 10-minute ban first. 

Using Virtual Space again after your account has been unlocked will result in a weeklong ban. You can delete a specific credential from Pubg Mobile by clicking the almost one-week-long Unlink any social account button.

PUBG Mobile 1 Week Ban

Is the one-week restriction a good idea? Therefore, there is another circumstance in which you will also be subject to a one-week ban and a penalty for a Tier Reset. If you play with a Pubg Mobile hacker and his account is found to be utilizing Pubg Mobile Hack, you will undoubtedly receive a one-week suspension. In addition, all players who have participated in past matches with him on their account will also receive a 10-year ban.

PUBG Mobile 10 Years Ban

The primary cause of a 10-year ban is breaking Pubg Mobile's restrictions by employing its hacks, such as the Game Guardian Hack, the iOS Cheto Hack, or the Android and iPhone Sharpshooter Hack. For example, modifying paks files in an android folder, using altered OBB files, or using Pubg Mobile data.

How To Unban PUBG Mobile Account

There is no need for concern if your account is blocked for a week or ten minutes. However, you should be concerned about your account if it received a 10 Year Ban penalty. Only Pubg Mobile developers or the database manager identifying your account as a hack-using account may unban it since it has been banned for ten years. You may have your Pubg Mobile account unbanned if you can access their database. However, none has succeeded since accessing or hacking their databases is challenging.

Can PUBG UC Carding Ban PUBG Mobile Account

Uc was on top before a couple of seasons of Pubg Mobile Carding. Suppose the cardholder alleges that their account has been hacked and someone has purchased UC without their consent. In exchange, Pubg Mobile could suspend your account.

Valorant Vangaurd Ban

In this game, there are many possible penalties and punishment types. Each type can be brought on by a different behavior, and the worst one can get you HWID banned by Riot Vanguard Anti-Cheat.

Penalties can include the following:

  • Warnings
  • Comms bans
  • Extended comms bans
  • Ranked queue bans
  • Game bans
  • Extended game bans
  • HWID bans

Behaviour vs Result

Chat-based Offenses and Toxic Behaviours : Voice chats on Valorant are being recorded in order to stop "disruptive" activity. The introduction of a speech evaluation system in Valorant, announced by Riot Games, will aid in combating toxic and disruptive in-game behaviors. Multiplayer games suffer greatly from in-game toxicity and annoying actions. Chat mutes are the first result, but after repeated instances of toxic communication, game restrictions follow. The bans could be given for a few days (for minor offenses committed by relatively new offenders) or for an entire year ( for chronic offenders). Permanent bans are only applied when the behavior is very heinous and/or persistent.

Friendly Fire : Valorant players are unable to use their weapons or gunfires to damage or kill their friends. However, they can accidentally harm their teammates by using the abilities of their agents. A punishment may be applied for repeated friendly damage. Your use of an ability must negatively affect your in-game allies in order to receive the punishment.

"Looks like you ability usage adversely impacted your allies in a recent game"

The specific punishment is not yet known, however it will most likely result in a lower R.R. (Rank Rating) at the end of a competitive match.

AFK/Queue Dodging : An "AFK" player is a one who gives up a running game for a number of rounds. A player who chooses not to choose an agent or abstains from participating in a game is known as an "Queue Dodge". A warning or a cooldown may be given for this behavior, but further violations can result in harsher penalties, such as losing RR points and up to 7-13 days cooldown. Players who frequently get the 7-day or 13-day cooldown are in danger of receiving a permanent ban from the game.

Cheating : Any usage of third-party programs to improve your play could result in a permanent ban from the game. The account will remain suspended forever if you use cheat or hacking softwares in the game. A Hardware ID ban, which results from cheating, is the shocking part of a permanent ban. A hardware (HWID) ban was applied on the computer where this detection took place. HWID bans typically last no more than four months. After three months, some hardware ban may be lifted (90 days). The HWID restriction was extended by a few more days if the hardware ban was longer than three months due to several detections. The HWID ban in this case lifts after four months (120 days). Any account used on a device that has a hardware ban may risk permanent suspension. However, if cheating on the same machine resumes once the ban is revoked, a second, permanent machine ban will follow.

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