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DayZ Statistics 2022

Last Updated August 15, 2022

DayZ is one of the most prominent games and is one that epitomizes the Zombie genre to a consummate degree. The game has got all the necessary elements and aspects that make it a delight for fans of the genre. That isn鈥檛 to say that normal gamers won鈥檛 like it either. That is because the game has got something to offer for everyone.聽

It has got fast-paced gameplay, excellent and formidable enemies, a huge repertoire of weapons, and large, diverse maps that are filled with danger and opportunities. DayZ is an improved version of the whole Zombie shooter genre and it shows. Yes, the game has had its share of bugs and crashes on the consoles but still, the benefits far outweigh the flaws. That is why the game is so popular with the audience of current times.

DayZ is awesome and we want all to know this. If you are also interested in the game and wish to learn more about what it is and what it has to offer, then keep on reading. All the relevant facts and information about DayZ have been mentioned as follows for your enlightenment:

DayZ Interesting Statistics:

Some have opined that DayZ has lost its attraction and the focus of its fans. But, this is far from the truth as the game is still in play and very much alive. The game hasn鈥檛 run out of steam yet and shows no signs of doing so either. The statistics that you are about to witness as follows are proof of this fact. So, read away:

路        DayZ has over 6 million registered players in 2022 from different regions of the globe

路        DayZ has been watched for about 1,128,714 to 169,756 hours on Twitch

路聽 聽 聽 聽 DayZ gets about 28,278.5 players daily on average on Steam鈥檚 platform

路        DayZ has got a diversely aged group of males ranging from as low as 7 to above 60. Most of the game鈥檚 players fall within the range of 17 to 35

General Statistics:

The following information about DayZ is interesting, to say the least, and will certainly appeal to all readers, disregarding the fact whether they are gamers or not. Let鈥檚 get to it then:

1. DayZ has more than 6 Million Players in the World:

The game has been a huge hit with the audience and resonates with them profoundly. That is why the game has more than 6 million players across the world. This figure, while impressive, is still growing as the game is receiving more and more players with each passing day.

2. DayZ Was viewed for quite a long time on Twitch:

The game has been a mainstay on Twitch and has been watched by more than 169,756 on the platform. The game has received much focus on the platform and ranks amongst its top 10 most popular streams.

3. DayZ gets a lot of Players on Steam Daily:

Like Twitch, DayZ is also one of the more prominent and utilised titles on Steam as well. That is because the game gets an average of more than 28,278.5 players daily when it comes to Steam alone.聽

4. DayZ has got a lot of Concurrent Players:

DayZ is a game that is available for consoles and PC. So, it stands to reason that the concurrent player count will also be quite high when it comes to this game. At present, the game has secured an astonishing figure of more than 58,240 concurrent players across its various ports.

5. Panthera Island is the most used Map in DayZ:

Panthera Island is a fan favourite and has been used far more than any other map in the game. It has been used for 41.8% of the total skirmishes that have taken place within the game.

6. DayZ has got Large Servers from all across the World:

DayZ has found a home in numerous countries in the world. Leading the competition is the server base from Germany, with about 40.2% of the player base and is followed by the USA, which amounts to 21.3% of the fan base. The rest is divided among notable servers from the UK, India, China, etc.

DayZ Key Statistics:

Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry and that is what gets people fascinated. The point of intrigue is mainly linked to the amount of revenue that a game generates. The greater the revenue, the more successful the game is constructed to be. That is why it is important to learn about the revenue that DayZ generates and that is what we are here to elucidate. Now, let us learn together:

路        DayZ has made more than 796 million dollars in revenue ever since its release

路        The game managed to make 5 million dollars on the first day of its release alone

路        The game has exceeded expectations by conquering its targets for the first quarter of the year by 110% in 2022 which is a huge step up from previous years

路        DayZ managed to attain a sales figure of 5.1 million in 2021 alone and was amongst the most downloaded games during the lockdown period as well

路        DayZ is one of the most incredible Zombie Survival games and made a profound impression when it managed to secure 1 million sales in just 24 hours in 2014. The game had also managed to sell 142,403 in the first 24 hours of its release as well.

Usage Statistics:

DayZ has got one of the most fervent and enthusiastically dedicated fan bases and therein lies the reason for its success. The game鈥檚 fans hail from diverse and varied backgrounds and spend quite a lot of time engrossed in the challenges that the game has to offer. That is why you must learn about the usage statistics of DayZ. Towards that end, we have collated all the pertinent details and data as follows for your convenience and information:

路        About 40.2% of DayZ鈥檚 total fan base is from Germany which places it in 1st position. It is followed by the USA, which accounts for 21.3% of the player base and is in 2nd position.

路        DayZ had a peak attendance of 48,116 players during the previous 30 days alone

路        The game has more than 160 channels on Twitch and is watched by 6614 viewers daily on an average basis

DayZ Interesting Facts:

DayZ is a great game and its popularity knows no bounds. It has been the subject of discussion and intense playing by hordes of players across the world. The reasons for this attention and fame are several and these are the ones that we will be discussing below:

1. DayZ had little to No Advertising:

When it comes to publicity or Advertising, DayZ didn鈥檛 get much of that. The game was an evolution or a mod on ARMA 2 but grew into its own with time. It has become a blockbuster in its own right and has become exceptionally popular through strong word of mouth and player feedback.

2. DayZ got a lot of attention on the first day of its Launch:

The game received more than 25,000 players on the first day of its release which is quite impressive when you think about it.

3. DayZ revitalised the Zombie Genre:

DayZ is a game that is considered to be a revitalising factor for the Zombie genre. The latter had become stale and formulaic of late and had grown stale. DayZ and other games like Dying Light brought a fresh new perspective to the genre and made it relevant in modern times again.

4. DayZ combines Firearms with Melee weapons:

DayZ allows your player to utilise a wide range of different firearms as well as the usage of melee weapons for fast and frantic combat. Players will have to rely on their wits and hard-hitting melee skills to stand a chance against the horde of other zombies and other combatants.

5. A Huge Challenge:

DayZ is an intensely challenging game because it has got enemies that can destroy you without any hassle. You will need to become the best player possible to stand a chance in this game. That is because, unlike other games where you have to fight other opponents only, you will have to contend with bloodthirsty zombies in DayZ as well. That is why many players are drawn to the game as they crave a good challenge.

To Sum Up:

To conclude, DayZ is an excellent horror survival game and has got what it takes to become one of the best games of all time. It has got everything that you might be looking for in a game, excellent gameplay, graphics, and challenging enemies and skilled opponents. The developer has taken significant steps to enhance and streamline the game to even greater levels. 

The bugs and issues reported by users are given their due attention and focus and eliminated soundly and expeditiously. The PC version offers the best challenge and has got a lot going on for it. If you are looking for a good time with some eminent tribulations thrown into the mix then this is the game for you. You won鈥檛 regret playing it, that much we guarantee.

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