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Call of Duty: Warzone

Last Updated August 20, 2022


Call of Duty: Warzone is a battle Royale game on 10th March 2020. It is a free-to-play game and was released for all major consoles and Microsoft Windows as well. There has also been an announcement related to the next generation consoles like Ps5 and Xbox Series X as the game will be released for them later in 2022. A mobile version of the game is also in the developmental process. The game is connected to other COD games like Modern Warfare, Black Ops: Cold War, and Vanguard. However, users don’t have to own all or either of these titles to access Warzone. Warzone was introduced during the second season of the content of Modern Warfare. 

Warzone has been developed by Raven Software and Infinity Ward, but some credit Raven Software as the sole developer due to the amalgamation of Cold War content as well. The game’s publisher was Activision as has always been the case with COD games. Warzone features online multiplayer fighting where 150 players can combat each other. 

What’s better is that there are certain modes where this count can be extended to include more than 200 players. Warzone supports both cross-platform progression and play between the above-mentioned COD titles.

When it was launched, Warzone featured 2 main modes. These were Plunder and Battle Royale and have been hugely popular with players. Warzone introduced a new currency indigenous to the game. This currency can be used by players at specific Stations for purchasing ammo and other items. These are scattered across the game’s maps. An example of where this currency can be traded is “Loadout” drops. The latter allows players to access and trade currency for certain custom classes. 

These custom classes are now unique to Warzone despite being introduced before Modern Warfare’s season 6. The in-game currency can also be used to buy other items like gas masks and “killstreaks”. The only way to acquire this cash is to eliminate opposing players or loot buildings that have said cash in them. While Warzone initially only offered the option of having squads of 3 but updates since then have improved the condition. Now, players have access to solo, duos, and quad options as well.

The game has been a fan and critic favorite and has received rave reviews from all major sites and reviewers as well. As of April 2021, it has been reported by Activision that the total number of active players in Warzone has exceeded a count of 100 million.


Game Modes

Warzone is the 2nd largest installment in Call of Duty’s Battle Royale franchise. Upon launch, the game featured two main modes called Plunder and Battle Royale. Other modes have also been introduced in the game ever since its launch and all details related to them are mentioned as follows:

1. Battle Royale:

The Battle Royale mode is no different from the one evinced by other games of the category. The players are pitted against each other on a map that is shrinking constantly. This continues till there is only one person left standing. The participants or players reach the game’s map by parachuting down onto it. The players then have to engage in fierce combat with each other while using the camouflage and cover that they can find on the map. As more and more players eliminate each other, the map shrinks to accommodate the remainder of the players. This makes the playing area tighter and more difficult to maneuver for the other players thereby adding more challenge to the game. The non-playable area is covered by yellow gas which can be lethal to players if they step into it. There are plenty of vehicles available in Warzone as well which players can use to reach their enemies faster.   This shrinking of the map will continue till only one survivor is remaining.

Players that die in Battle Royale are afforded a chance to respawn as well. They are transported to the “Gulag” upon death where they engage another defeated player. Both players have the same weapon and the one who wins is allowed to respawn in the game. Players can also use the in-game currency to purchase a respawn in the game if they have enough credits available. Respawn tokens can even be purchased by players for other players that didn’t manage to respawn by the Gulag.

2. Plunder:

The Plunder mode is more of a scavenger hunt. In this mode, the player teams have to scrounge and search for bundles of cash. These bundles can be found across the map and players will have to search for them. The team that manages to accrue 1 million dollars holds a greater chance of becoming the winner. That is because after one team reaches the 1 million mark, the game goes into the “Overtime” mode. This extends the cash limit to 1.5 million and the player that manages to secure this figure or exceed it before time runs out becomes the winner. Respawning is automatic in this mode and players can re-join the game after 7 seconds.

3. Resurgence:

Resurgence mode was introduced in the Rebirth Island. It featured as the main mode for the island and is similar to Battle Royale in essence. However, there is one major difference, as the players can respawn in Resurgence. This can continue as long as the player has one active squadmate who is still alive and kicking in his team. The team that is wiped first will be eliminated from the game. Each player has to wait for a certain time before he can respawn in solo modes. There is no Gulag mechanic in Resurgence mode.

There are other timed modes available in Warzone as well and have been periodically introduced during the game’s lifespan. Some of these modes are one-time only while some are recurring as well. Warzone has also been used by the developer to reveal upcoming titles in the franchise as well.


Warzone was released with a variety of different maps. These can be listed as follows:

1. Verdansk/ Verdansk 84:

Verdansk was introduced in Modern Warfare in seasons 1 and 2 of Black Ops: Cold War. It was the first Battle Royale Map of the aforementioned seasons and is based on the fictitious city that was featured in the story mode of Modern Warfare’s campaign mode. The map is based on the city of Donetsk and is constituted of 5 main areas which are further splintered into zones. Each of these zones has a specific point of interest.

Verdansk 84 is a more updated form of the original Verdansk map. It was introduced in the Battle Royale and Plunder modes for the content seasons of Black Ops: Cold War. It was released in Season 3 for Warzone as well. it is a different map that features the original Verdansk map after it has been decimated by a nuclear blast. The sectors and maps have changed and the ambiance is also different considerably.

2. Rebirth Island:

Rebirth was the 2nd map that was released for Warzone after the absorption of content from Black Ops: Cold War. This map is derived from the genuine Island of Vozrozhdeniya which was featured in the campaign mode of COD: Black Ops. Rebirth Island is quite smaller when compared to Verdansk and can only accommodate 40 players at a time. The map has undergone some changes with time and now features some cosmetic alterations as well as new points of interest like the Docks and Stronghold.

3. Caldera:

Caldera was first hinted at during the reveal of COD: Vanguard’s multiplayer mode. It is a World War II-based map and was released as a part of the content update of season 1 for Vanguard in December of 2021. The map received lukewarm reception as it substituted Verdansk as the main map for Plunder and Battle Royale modes. The map evinces thick forests and huge areas covered with water and caves.

4. Fortune’s Keep:

Fortune’s Keep was introduced in season 4 of Vanguard and is a relatively smaller scaled Island based map. The map features a Mediterranean ambiance with covers and seaside towns. It has also got water-based areas that are similar to the ones you will find in Caldera.


All players start the game with a basic pistol that is bereft of any modifications or attachments. All upgrades and attachments need to be found and collected on the map. These items and upgrades can be found throughout the map in supply boxes. Players can also search for and equip armor plates. A player can equip up to 3 armor plates. A player can carry about 5 of these armor plates in his inventory, which can be extended to 8 if the player has gotten his hands on an armor satchel. 

Players can acquire more advanced weapons and load-outs at “Supply Stations” with the in-game currency that they collect from other players or buildings. There are supply crates to loot as well as they are generated periodically on the map. Players can also purchase them directly from the supply stations as well. Plunder mode allows players to spawn into the game with customized loadouts. This is similar to the method used in other multiplayer games as well.

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