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Apex Legends Statistics 2022

Last Updated August 11, 2022

In case you haven’t heard, Apex Legends is all the rage nowadays. The game was launched in 2019 and has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the best and most critically acclaimed games of all time. The game features adrenaline-filled gameplay combined with quirky and engaging characters and a simply spectacular arena design. 

Rarely has a game been so accomplished at providing players with the rush and excitement that they crave. The game was a surprise hit and no one was expecting it to be as big a phenomenon as it is right now. Apex Legends and its game modes are accessible by all and that is the reason why it has got such a strong and large fan base.

Apex Legends attained a 100 million registered users figure in 2021 and most considered it to be the game’s peak.

Much has changed ever since then and if you want to learn about it then keep on reading:

Interesting Apex Legends Statistics:

Some people think that Apex Legends is losing its appeal. But the truth is that many people are still playing it. The game is still popular and the following statistics are a testament to this fact:

General Statistics:

It doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of the game or not, because you are bound to be fascinated by the interesting information about the game that is mentioned as follows:

1. Apex Legends has more than 100 Million Players across the Globe:

The number of players in Apex Legends at present is about 260,000 to 330,000 at peak hours with an average of 130,000 to 167,000 during normal hours. The game is still receiving new players with each passing day and these figures are bound to increase in moving

2. Fans watched Apex Legends for about 8.4 Million Hours on Twitch:

Apex Legends set a new record when it recorded more than 8.4 million hours of viewing by audiences across the world in just 24 hours. It is ranked number 9 on Twitch.

 3. The Game receives more than 169,528 on Average:

Apex Legends is the 4th most played game on Steam and receives more than 160,000 players daily. The game’s peak player count was about 229,530 while having an average count of 130,000 to 167,000 players.

4. Lifeline wins the Majority of the matches and has the highest win rate:

Lifeline has got a win rate of 65.1% and is followed by Horizon with a win rate of 63.5%. Seer is at 3rd position and has a pick rate of 10% with a win rate of 62.7%. Pathfinder has a win rate of 62.4% with a pick rate of 24.9% and is at number 4.

5. Apex Legends has got 330,879 Players:

By this figure, we are alluding to the number of concurrent players on Apex Legends. The latter recorded the figure in 2021 and it is the highest number of concurrent players that the game received.

6. Apex Legend’s Largest Server is from the USA:

The US Servers of Apex Legends amount to about 40% of the game’s total player population and have the most players.

Apex Legends Key Statistics:

1. How Does Revenue does Apex Legends Generate:

People do tend to be curious about the actual revenue that games generate and that is no exception when it comes to Apex Legends. If you are looking for answers regarding the game’s profits and other pertinent details then keep on reading:

  • Apex Legends has managed to generate more than 1.6 billion dollars through micro-transactions in lifetime revenue.
  • The game surpassed the 1 billion dollar limit during the second quarter of 2021.
  • The second quarter’s revenue exceeded the previous one by about 150% despite 2021 being more active than 2020 due to lenience in Corona regulations.
  • The game made more than 600 million in the previous quarter and is set to make more as there is still time remaining before this year up.
  • The game managed to accrue about 92 million dollars in revenue during February 2019. This figure dipped significantly after 2 months where it dropped to 24 million. But, the game recovered and managed to pull in more than 450 million dollars in that very year. The 3rd season of the game generated a whopping 45 million dollars in October 2019.

2. Usage Statistics:

The community is very dedicated and loved by the global community due to its global level of fame and appeal. The fans of the game are very well indulged in the game and have favorites amongst the character roster that they love and adore. We are now going to inform you about the statistics about the downloading and usage of the game by different countries and regions. So, keep on reading:

  • About 38.92% of users of Apex Legends are from the United States of America. The country evinces the highest level of participation daily.
  • 7.18% of users of Apex Legends hail from Great Britain thereby placing it in the 2nd position.
  • 5.81% of users of the game are from Russia which places the latter at 3rd position.
  • Brazil has got 5.54% users and is placed at the 4th position.
  • Lastly, China is at the rear with 5th position as it has a user rating of 3.73%.

Apex Legends Player Facts:

The facts remain that Apex Legends is one of the largest and most popular games in the world. There are reasons behind this and these reasons are going to be explained as follows:

1. Apex Legends had no Advertising:

Players were the ones that made the game a hit since Apex Legends had no backing or advertising campaign associated with it. It was announced and then subsequently released on the 4th of February, 2019.

2. Players Flooded the Game:

Apex Legends received more players in the first week than Fortnite had in 2 months after the latter’s release. To be precise, Fortnite received 20 million players compared to 25 million players within the first week of Apex Legends’ release.

3. Player’s compared Apex Legends to Overwatch:

Apex Legends, its gameplay, and combat systems have been considered by players to be evocative of Overwatch. This is a good thing since Overwatch is one of the best games as well.

4. Players Love that the game is set in the Titanfall Universe:

Yes, you heard it right, Apex Legends is based in the Titanfall Universe and that is simply spectacular. It is one of the reasons why people are drawn to this game even though the Titans are absent this time around. But still, the game makes great use of Titanfall’s gameplay and techniques effectively.

5. A Large Assembly:

Apex Legends comprises a game mode where 60 players can compete against each other in teams of 3. You will also have to eliminate the enemy teams before they can respawn to mitigate the number of enemies. It is the only way to win.

6. Players Love the Teamwork:

One thing that players like about Apex Legends is that it embodies what teamwork is all about. For instance, rebirth isn’t attained automatically within the game. Rather, you will need your teammates to do it for you. Also, the challenge is upped as you will land from your shuttle and all your loot will be gone upon returning to the game. You can even help out your partners by highlighting and denoting enemy clusters and locations to them.

To Sum Up:

As is apparent from the aforementioned account, Apex Legends is still going strong and its fame is only going upwards. Players are widely and profoundly interested in the game and what it has to offer. The Publisher is introducing new features into the game in the current year of 2022. 

The Game’s publisher has added a Plus 5 Entry cost to all and removed dwindling returns on eliminations in the 14th season. There won’t be any change in the rank reset as the ranked reset of 6 divisions has been enabled. The company hopes to extend beyond its current level by the end of 2022. The way the game is going, its popularity is sure to escalate significantly. 

Apex Legends is still developing and the interest of the players isn’t subsiding either. It is likely that the game will only improve and expand in the coming years as well and will continue for many more seasons. You are surely missing out on a great thing here. So, if you aren’t aware of Apex Legends or hold some latent desire to play it, then go out. You certainly won’t be disappointed.

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