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Status: online
Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG if you prefer was released in the year 2017 and ever since then, it has taken the world of Battle Royale gaming by storm. The game sold copies in the millions before even being released from Early Access on Steam.




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PUBG (Mobile Emulator) Kirion Hack

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  • Enemy ESP (Box, Skeleton, Line)
  • Enemy Info (Distance, Health, Name, Bots)
  • Loot ESP with filters
  • Items Icon ESP
  • Configurable colors

Ocheats HWID Spoofer / Changer

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    PUBG (Mobile Emulator) Kirion Hack

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    • Enemy ESP (Box, Skeleton, Line)
    • Enemy Info (Distance, Health, Name, Bots)
    • Loot ESP with filters
    • Items Icon ESP
    • Configurable colors

    Total Price

    Number of Keys



    PUBG Mobile (Emulator) Hacks Description

    Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG if you prefer was released in the year 2017 and ever since then, it has taken the world of Battle Royale gaming by storm. The game sold copies in the millions before even being released from Early Access on Steam

    It won’t be wrong to state that this game was the progenitor of the whole Battle Royale genre. Now, after having dominated all the major consoles, the game has also ended up on the mobile platform as well.

    You assume the role of a mercenary who parachutes onto an island along with 99 other players. Initially, you have no weapon on hand except your fists and you can’t take on 99 players with them now can you? The main objective is to look around for weapons, armor, ammo, and other pertinent supplies that will help you in outlasting your opponents in the last-man-standing death match. The maps in this game are huge and you will have to run around a lot. 

    But the girth slowly reduces as more players die out. The electrical storm around the island closes around and keeps reducing the island’s circumference. This continues till you are forced to take on the remaining opponents in a tighter and more challenging environment. The last man standing is the victor.

    The notion behind the game seems simple but still, there is much room for intricacy as well. You can expect the same level of potency from this Mobile emulator of PUBG. The mobile version of the game offers all the features of its larger PC version except for a few

    The familiar Island, Erangel, from the PC version, is included in the mobile version with all of its content intact, e.g. military base, destroyed nuclear plant, and more. All other features such as the game's excellent gear, armor, weapons, vehicles, etc. are also included in the mobile version of PUBG. 

    There is virtually no difference between the PC and mobile version, to be frank. The only thing that you might miss is the second map, Miramar, and some of the graphics fidelity of its larger and more robust cousin.

    Also, the game is completely free and evinces no hidden charges or subscription fees. You can log in with your Facebook credentials or play as a guest as well. You can earn battle points by logging in daily and receiving rewards or through your battle experience. You can then use these points to purchase crates that contain a specific, but random, item of attire for your character. 

    You don’t receive any clothing or armor as you do in the PC version in the Mobile port of PUBG. But scrounge around enough and you will find an appropriate item of clothing/armor in no time at all.

    PUBG Mobile (Emulator) Hacks

    PUBG is a challenging game and has got all the trials and tribulations that would mold you into an unstoppable juggernaut of the Battle Royale genre. A smaller screen and a smaller port don’t mean that you can rest easily. None of the difficulty or challenge has been mitigated in this port. You are still going to be beset by opponents that are as skilled as they are ruthless. 

    They don’t subscribe to any niceties like restraint or honor and will not hesitate to take you out when the situation or opportunity presents itself. You are after all fighting against a veritable force of 99 players and most of them have skill sets that eclipse yours. They are capable of beating you again and again till you tire of the whole ordeal in general. 

    Now, there are two paths available to you under these circumstances. You can either give in to despair or you can engage in gruesome and arduously gradual training. The latter will allow you to become seasoned and formidable enough for taking on these opponents and even lasting against them. 

    But, even then it might not be enough. Because no matter how good you are or how much you practice, there is always going to be someone better than you. So, what should you do? Do you just curl up and relent? Or do you get up, undaunted and staunch, and engage your opponents again? No matter which path you opt for, the availability of PUBG hacks is sure to guide you and aid you tremendously. 

    These hacks are the tools that you need to snatch victory in a game saturated with cheaters and amazing players. If you are tired of being beaten again and again in the game, then this is a great method for excelling and attaining success. We have elucidated all the relevant details about the usage of Hacks in PUBG’s mobile emulator as follows for your convenience and facilitation

    How to remain Undetected while using hacks in PUBG Mobile (Emulator) Hacks

    There are some methods that you can use to remain undetected while using hacks in PUBG Mobile (Emulator). Why is it necessary to use such precautions you ask? Well, that is because unless you are being cautious, you may suffer a fate that would be greatly undesirable. That is because excessive indulgence in these hacks while playing the game will get you reported and then banned. 

    Being banned means that you won’t be able to return to the game and will lose all your accomplishments and achievements. Sounds pretty bad right? That is why you should adhere to all the precautions that you can to prevent this from happening. Some of the best means of preventing detection are mentioned as follows for your information:

    Be Safe when Starting:

    The first thing that you need to remember is that you should be safe when starting with a new account. You might feel compelled, even tempted, to test out your newly acquired powers of hacks, but trust us when we say that you should practice restraint. 

    There is enhanced scrutiny on newer accounts and if any such users are found using hacks, then they are immediately kicked out. But, it is also a fact that this surveillance dies down after a week or two. The likelihood of your usage of hacks being detected is also lowered considerably. That is why we urge you to practice discretion, especially when you are starting the game.

    Using Aimbot:

    Aimbot is superb, absolutely decimating, and an exceptional tool to have in your arsenal. But, it is also the most noticeable and easily detectable one. So, it is better that you use it frugally and only when the situation is critical. 

    Otherwise, if you fire and kill someone while having thrown accuracy out of the equation, someone is bound to notice. If that happens, you can be sure that your banishment isn’t far behind. So, remain cautious while using this tool.


    Wallhacks are useful if you want to keep an eye on your competition and circumvent any probable ambushes or fire. But, use it carelessly and without deliberation, and it might culminate in your being banned from the game. 

    People are bound to notice when you immediately return fire as they peek out of the cover if you constantly avoid springing their traps, or how you always manage to anticipate their movements even behind the cover. So, as we mentioned with Aimbot, cautiousness and prudence are key to not being detected while using Wallhacks in the game.

    How to apply PUBG Mobile (Emulator) Hacks?

    Intriguing is it not, the whole concept of being oblivious to the harm that your opponents can inflict upon you. Do you not wish to experience this power for yourself? To be able to cut through your enemies, to decimate them, to see them suffer before you, with them not being able to inflict damage upon you in the least. That is the power that we promise, that is the strength that our hacks can lend you. You can be a legend, an epic destroyer in the game with these hacks at your disposal. 

    We are here to serve after all. If you are interested, which by now you probably are, then the method regarding the application of these hacks in your game is explained as follows. Go on and have a read:

    First of all, you will have to visit our website. If you are a fan of all things hacks and cheats, then you are sure to love it. We have cheats and hacking tools available for almost all modern titles. All you have to do now is peruse our detailed inventory and select the hacks that you want to use.

    Secondly, you will have to select the duration for which you are renting the hack. That is right; we rent out our hacks and not sell them. That is our policy and we don’t dictate or argue over it. If you want to save more in terms of money then get our monthly renting program instead of the daily or weekly one. It might cost more initially but will save you a bundle in the long run.

    Third, we have to let you know that we won’t be processing any payments made to us directly. It is imperative for maintaining your and our security. We do use payproglobal through our modern and effective payment system. All this is done to ensure that no inadvertent divulging of information occurs on our part. You can also rest easy knowing that your privacy and intimate details are safe with us.

    Fourth, if you haven’t made an account on our website yet, then put the lethargy behind you and get to it. All the rewards and hacks that you can garner are waiting for you to do it. Once you have done so, go ahead and download our app. The latter will be the portal where you receive all your goodies, their serial keys, and other pertinent material as well. So, get to it already, and then launch your game. The hacks should be operational and running by now.

    Lastly, we care a lot about you, our esteemed clients. We want you to enjoy yourselves and that is why we bring this good news to you. We have got dedicated representatives for your convenience always available on our site’s live chat. You can access this path to get easy and effective solutions to any problems that you might encounter in using these hacks. The point is, that we are here for you and will always be here for you.

    Where to get PUBG Mobile (Emulator) cheats to avoid a ban?

    We have already talked about how profoundly important it is that you don’t get caught while using hacks in PUBG Mobile. Well, it is worth mentioning again that this is something you can’t ignore or miss out on. The consequences can be dire for you and spell doom for your gaming activities. 

    But, all is not lost as you can get software and tools that can help you in escaping a ban while using these cheats. You can contact us for this software or opt to use any other dependable and reputable purveyor on the market as well. But please, don’t start the game unless you have these tools at hand. They are for your good and we highly recommend that you use them.

    Do Professionals use PUBG Mobile (Emulator) Hacks?

    The succinct answer to this dilemma of yours is yes, professional players of the game do use hacks in the game. They want all the glory that accompanies prominence and eminent winning in the game entails but none of the arduous grinding or work that it involves. That is why they use hacks to get a head start over the competition. 

    So, if you had any qualms or moralistic reservations about using hacks in PUBG Mobile (Emulator), then put them to rest because, if the professionals utilize these hacks then you should as well without any reluctance.

    Different Types of Hacks and what they are used for

    We have already mentioned that there are various hacks available for this game. These hacks differ in how they deliver different qualities and effects to the players. As to what these hacks are and what they do, refer to the following to better ascertain them:


    Aimbot is probably one of the most popular and ubiquitous hacks when it comes to this game. It is favored by a large number of people as it enhances accuracy and precision in firing without any problem or practice.


    With Wallhacks, you can gaze at your enemies even through walls and covers. This is the preferred hack by those individuals who want to stay one step ahead of the enemy at all times and benefit from a subtle and tactical advantage over their opponents.

    Unlimited Battle Points:

    If you want unlimited currency in the game, or Battle points to be more precise, then this is the hack for you. Get whatever gear you want regardless of its cost with this hack.  

    No Recoil:

    Do you want to remove that pesky recoil from your weapon that ruins your precision? Well, with this hack, you can do just that with ease.


    With this hack, you can immediately know everything relevant about your opponents in an instant. Their weapons, level, remaining ammo, armor stats, etc. and more can be easily accessed through this hack.


    So, now you know everything that there is to know about this game and its hacks, perhaps you are no more well informed about whether these are for you or not. Either way, we wish you a good day and happy gaming always.

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    PUBG Mobile (Emulator) Hacks Reviews

    Kirion beast

    Rated 5 out of 5
    September 13, 2022

    Kirion hack is amazing !!!!!



    Rated 5 out of 5
    August 30, 2022

    best option to hack in gameloop, ty!



    Rated 5 out of 5
    August 25, 2022

    best pubg mobile hacks


    Best site for pubg mobile

    Rated 5 out of 5
    August 10, 2022

    I love this pubg mobile product, before buying this one I did get a virus when i tried one via a google search that was free.

    This product is affordable & legit! Thanks

    Rated 5 out of 5
    5 out of 5 stars (based on 4 reviews)
    Very good0%

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