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There is no doubt that Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) has become the most popular mobile game ever. Originally it was launched as a PC game by Tencent games, however, its fame started with the launch of its mobile version. The mobile version was released in 2018




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PUBG: Battlegrounds Hacks Bundle Deal

PUBG Hydra Hack

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  • Player ESP (Box, Lines, Skeleton, Outline)
  • Player Info (Distance, Name, Team ID, Health)
  • Items ESP with filters (Loot, Vehicle, air drop)
  • Adjustable item and player ESP distance
  • Items ESP Color Adjustment

Ocheats HWID Spoofer / Changer

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    All  PUBG: Battlegrounds Hacks 

    PUBG Core Hack

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    • Enemy ESP (Bones,Team/friendly check)
    • Enemy Info (Health,Distance)
    • Visibility checks
    • Item ESP with filters
    • Memory or mouse aimbot

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    PUBG Dawn Hack

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    • Enemy ESP (Box, skeleton)
    • Enemy Info (Name, statistics, spectators, health, distance, weapon, etc)
    • Item ESP with filters (Dropped items, airdrops, vehicle, etc)
    • Custom ESP font size
    • Teammate check

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    PUBG Hydra Hack

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    • Player ESP (Box, Lines, Skeleton, Outline)
    • Player Info (Distance, Name, Team ID, Health)
    • Items ESP with filters (Loot, Vehicle, air drop)
    • Adjustable item and player ESP distance
    • Items ESP Color Adjustment

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    PUBG Onyx Hack

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    • Enemy ESP (Box, Skeleton)
    • Enemy Info (Health, Name, Kills, Distance)
    • Item ESP with icons and filters
    • Accurate Aimbot
    • Aimbot Smart mode

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    PUBG: Battlegrounds Hacks Description

    There is no doubt that PUBG: Battlegrounds (previously known as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds / PUBG) has become the most popular mobile game ever. Originally it was launched as a PC game by Tencent games, however, its fame started with the launch of its mobile version. The mobile version was released in 2018 and now has about 50 million daily players across the globe. 

    It has also become one of the major parts of various e-sports tournaments happening worldwide. In addition, the game includes exquisite locations, game mechanics, and graphics, not to mention the huge range of weapons as well. The game also offers different modes and locations to get the players engaged in playing the game.

    PUBG has a classic battle royale setup, which means that the player starts with zero and scavenges and hunts. The hunt is for any weapons or survival essentials needed, there are various maps and modes for the game

    Out of the 100 players initially, you have to be the one standing at last. Solo, duo, and squad are the three prime modes of the game. At the start, you get on a huge island, however, with the progressing time the play area becomes smaller and smaller. 

    The game also includes a voice chat feature, you can talk with your squad or other players as well. People from different locations and countries also get a chance to socialize with their fellow players.

    PUBG Hacks

    The amazing multiplayer mode of PUBG appeals the most to all the players along with its highly entertaining features. With more than 60 million players every day, PUBG now has some of the most competitive players across its servers. There are multiple servers functioning on various continents that include some top-notch players in them. 

    For many players, succeeding in the game becomes the sole highlight of their day. They dedicate all of their time to practising, planning, and focusing on the game, making it extremely hard to beat them. To stand a chance against this army of determined and expert players you need to have more than good gameplay. You have to be able to be quick, survive the hardest, and recover from all damage. 

    However, it is not a smart move to dedicate all your time and work to this game when you can get an easy way as well. This all may sound intimidating to you, but not worry! Your solution to be the ultimate player is in the form of PUBG game hacks. These hacks will let you stand a proper chance in front of your opponents. Following these PUBG hacks, you can beat your opponents with ease resulting in you being the last standing player.

    How to stay undetected while using Hacks in PUBG

    These hacks are a way for you to get a proper chance in defeating your excellent opponents. However, this is not considered the right way to play the game by the manufacturers and other players as well. 

    You have to be extremely cautious and vigilant using these hacks to not get detected. If you do get detected, you may get banned from the platform as well. We have given the following tips to follow to remain undetected while using the PUBG hacks:

    Avoid Being Too Obvious

    The most common reason why people get detected is that they lose control of the game flow and make themselves too obvious to their fellow players. Players who start using the cheats initially began shooting up multiple people simultaneously, making them obvious to their enemies. 

    Similarly, shooting a player from far distances also gets the attention of the moderators or your fellow players. It is not advised to begin using cheats from day one as players at a low level are easy to get caught for hacking by users who are playing for some time. 

    Experienced players who are well aware of the details of the game can easily catch amateur players using hacks. Hence, we tell all hack users to be patient while using these cheats, be sure that no one notices you!

    Stay Silent

    You may want to boast about using these hacks and being able to defeat the top players to your friends or squad. It is a common thing for players to be proud and speak up to their surroundings about their continuous chicken dinners. However, we restrain you strictly from doing so and enjoy your success in silence. 

    Your friends or squad may be reporting you as they might feel jealous or be insecure about your winnings. The main thing about using these PUBG hacks is to be subtle about it and never get highlighted for using them. Remember, only you yourself are the best secret keeper of your secrets!

    Using HWID Spoofer

    HWID Spoofer tool has aided various players against getting banned while they use hacks to get victory in PUBG. This tool alters your hardware ID so that even if you do get caught hacking the game, the developers cannot get ahold of you. 

    You can simply reinstall the game and register with a new account, your game will continue without any hassle. This option is much easier than getting completely banned from the platform and never being able to play from the device. Use this software to play without any worry of being banned from PUBG!

    Using Aimbot with care

    Aimbot is the most common tool used by various hackers of PUBG, in this hack automated aiming bots are used to kill the targets. This hack does sound very appealing; however, it does come with the highest factor of being detected by fellow players. 

    Any experienced player of the game can easily detect this hack because of the mysterious accuracy and on-point shooting portrayed. Use this tool in a natural manner and only under extreme need, using a low FOV is also recommended to go undetected. Make sure to follow these tips to use Aimbot and play undetected.

    Using Wallhacks and ESP like a pro

    How fascinating is it for players when they can detect their enemies behind any wall or hurdle? Wallhacks allow you to target your opponent even when they are not in your sight. This hack is a blessing in disguise for many PUBG players, however, it also comes with an elevated risk of being caught. 

    Try to behave naturally by doing sudden movements or fires, if you stand at one point and target your opponent, they will surely notice that. Some players, when using this cheat, target their opponent as soon as they step out of a cover. Be a pro and use Wallhacks and ESP in a non-susceptible manner.

    How can you apply PUBG Hacks to your game?

    If you are reading till here, it means we have succeeded in hooking you to the PUBG hacks. You may want to become a pro of the game by using all these hacks against the maestro of the games. But at the same time, the uncertainty of these hacks and the danger of being banned by the developers may stop you from using these hacks. Not to worry! We are the perfect solution to all your solutions. 

    We are experienced when it comes to providing the best hacks and also give a guarantee to provide the proper training on how to use them safely. Follow the given steps given below to get the best hacks and be the pro in your game:

    Like any service and its site, first of all, you start by visiting our site and going through all our PUBG hacks inventory. All our options are high-quality and ensure to cater to all your services. You can proceed with selecting all services that are required by you.

    We also offer the option of using the services or hacks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This is to make sure that our customers are not burdened and get the services they need in an easy manner. We also offer special discounts and bargains for people who choose the longer duration of these services.

    Our payment system is a purely secure and authorized system, we use payproglobal system and don’t process any payments in a direct manner. Do not worry! We ensure the complete privacy of your details when you make payments.

    To get access to your bought tools and be able to use them, you have to create an account on our website. As soon as you create your account, our team will send you the key and login details for your hack. Next, you can use the hack on your game and continue to play.

    The whole process from visiting our website, to buying the products and using them, all are extremely easy and streamlined. However, if you still face any issues, our 24/7 live chat support team is ready to assist you in any case. They also will solve any problem you might face when applying the hack in your game.

    Where can I get PUBG cheats and hack to avoid getting a ban?

    All players aim to be pros in the game and win against highly competitive players in the game, hence many choose to use cheats. However, these cheats hinder you with the fear of getting caught and being banned by the game platform. 

    To avoid this, it is essential that you use software that is designed in the appropriate way. It is mandatory that you get these tools from a certified and capable provider only. We are the proper supplier of this software and guarantee a safe usage of these cheats. 

    These cheats and hacks make your survival in the game easy and competitive among the huge sea of legendary players. Our tools also give a 100% guarantee of being undetected.  If you can afford to get the software, then invest in it immediately.

    Do Professionals and Veteran Players use PUBG hacks or Cheats?

    Normally players think that professional or long-time players have practiced for unlimited hours to be able to excel in the game. This is partially true, but this may come as a surprise to many, these professionals also take help from these hacks and cheats. Without using this help it becomes very hard for any player to survive in the extremely competitive environment of the game. 

    The professionals use these hacks to be able to savor the goodness of life. We all are human beings, and it is impossible for us to give all our time to one sole thing, we all reach our limits at last. The professionals realize this and use these hacks without sacrificing the basics of their life. Everyone deserves to live their life to the fullest, not being confided behind any screen.

    Multiple types of hacks and cheats and what are they used for?

    There are various types of hacks and cheats that are used by players to help them with the game of PUBG. We have listed those hacks and their functions of how they help players in the game:

    No Recoil

    Your weapon will tilt when you target your opponent, this is called recoil. It takes a lot of practice and talent to be able to target your opponent in a way to face no recoil. With our recoil hack, you do not have to worry about your aim not being accurate and all your targets are at point.


    This hack works by automated aiming bots and provides accurate shots. It is one of the most used tools by various gamers across the globe. This hack has the capability of targeting the opponents from a large distance and even if they are moving. If you are looking to increase your number of kills per game, this cheat is for you!


    How easy would it be to target your opponents if you could see them behind the cover they are hiding? Wallhacks enable players to see behind any wall of cover, making it easy to target. With this hack, you can easily pinpoint the location of your opponent players, hitting them when they get out of hiding.

    Underwater Hack

    A number of times players die when they are underwater, rest assured, we have the perfect solution for you! The underwater hacks allow the player to heal, shoot and do anything that they would outside of water. This also gives the player a good location to hide and target their enemies. To get underwater without any worry, install this cheat immediately!

    PUBG Unlock All Hack

    Who would not like that all the goods that are offered by the game are available to them? Using PUBG unlock all hacks will give you all the weapons, health, outfits, vehicles, etc. that the game has to offer. You can skip the hassle of buying them individually and save the added cost as well. These things can help you enhance the experience of the game and help you play in a more enjoyable manner.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What are the types of PUBG hacks offered?

    We offer different types of PUBG hacks such as aimbot, color hack, underwater hack, unlock all hack and various more. To see a detailed list of hacks, visit our website.

    What if I just want to try using hack?

    If you want to try using a hack, you can select our weekly hack option. We offer hacks for a weekly basis for players to try and they can continue using them afterwards.

    How can I make an account on the website?

    It is very easy to make an account on our website, simply press the sign-up button and fill in all your details such as name, contact number, email etc. A verification email will be sent to you to get your account activated.

    Is it possible to cheat in PUBG?

    Yes, it is possible to use cheats and hacks in PUBG. You just have to be very careful and not make yourself too obvious, using a good software provider also helps with being subtle about the cheats that you use.

    What is ESP hack?

    ESP hacks are short for Extra Sensory Perception, this hack provides a display of the level, rank, health, and further information of your opponent players. This hack helps to keep track of your enemies. 


    In a nutshell, with the growing fame of PUBG and its huge daily users' ratio, one cannot stand a chance in the game without getting help. Using the hacks in a safe and secure manner is very important to avoid getting into any hot waters. 

    You need to use the services of software and companies that guarantee security for their cheats. We are readily available to help you with any cheat or hack you might require. With our hack, play the game without being cut off from the entire world. Have fun and be safe!

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    PUBG: Battlegrounds Hacks Reviews


    Rated 5 out of 5
    September 13, 2022

    good work damnnnn!


    its interesting

    Rated 5 out of 5
    September 13, 2022

    this hack make me feel powerfull


    fast and kind

    Rated 5 out of 5
    August 30, 2022

    fast delivery and kind support


    ocheats made me an addicted

    Rated 5 out of 5
    August 25, 2022

    I have been playing PUBG for a long time, and i don't want to play it again without using the flawless hack from ocheats. Really addicted to hackking now.


    Core 5*

    Rated 5 out of 5
    August 10, 2022

    The core product is great, no bans in since i started using it. Its been months 🙂

    Rated 5 out of 5
    5 out of 5 stars (based on 5 reviews)
    Very good0%

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