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Status: online
While hacking in games, the HWID spoofer is your last line of defense if you get caught. It will prevent you from being permanently banned from a game; you can make a new account and continue playing. It doesn't matter which game you're playing or what hacks you're using




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          HWID Spoofer / Changer Description

          While hacking in games, the HWID spoofer is your last line of defense if you get caught. It will prevent you from being permanently banned from a game; you can make a new account and continue playing. It doesn't matter which game you're playing or what hacks you're using HWID spoofer is a wise choice to stay protected.

          Nowadays, more games are implementing hardware bans on players who are caught cheating, so HWID spoofers are becoming very popular among hackers. These programs are constantly being updated to protect you from hardware bans so you can safely hack in your favorite games. You should always have this program enabled even if you're hacking very lightly because it's better to be safe than sorry.

          What is Hardware Identification(HWID)?

          The Windows operating system (OS) uses hardware identification (HWID) to identify the hardware platform it is installed on.

          The Windows operating system uses hardware identification as a security mechanism when it is activated. The operating system creates a string known as a Hardware Identifier (HWID) when it is first installed. This identifier is given to Microsoft and represents all the hardware components connected to the host machine. A new HWID is generated every ten days and after each reboot, and it is compared to the one that was generated during installation. The operating system considers executing on the same device if both IDs are close to one another. Otherwise, Microsoft must activate the operating system.

          What are Hardware Bans?

          Anti-cheat developers have one up their game by taking advantage of hardware identification. Now they can effectively ban hackers from their games. Banning specific accounts will be a bump on the road for hackers, but it wouldn't stop them. But with HWID bans, they can ban the hackers' hardware meaning that they cant play the game on the same hardware. So to play the game again, you would have to buy new hardware.

          However, certain people found a way to counter this through developing HWID spoofers.

          What is an HWID Spoofer?

          HWID spoofer is a tool that lets you change the unique identifiers connected to your machine. Although it would be easy, changing these identifiers by just replacing a single component of your computer is not possible. These identifiers are referred to as your machine's HWID.

          Because they are defined by a variety of components in your computer, HWIDs are notoriously difficult to change. What HWID your computer gives to other programs when prompted for it depends on many factors, including your hard drive, motherboard, network card, and more.

          This is exploited by anti-cheat developers, who survey each machine accessing a game for its HWID. These are then kept and connected to the account used to play the game. The HWID and the account are both banned from the game if that account is found to have been hacking in the game.

          Your only options at that time (after being HWID banned from a game) will be to use an HWID spoofer or buy a totally new system because your machine will be completely locked out of the game. Only one of those alternatives is financially feasible, especially if you plan to continue cheating after you return.

          What makes an HWID Spoofer Good?

          Let me just say right now that game developers are aware of the possibility of hackers employing HWID changers and are making attempts to find them. This is the reason it shouldn't come as a surprise if you find that the bulk of HWID spoofers is easily identifiable. So, an effective HWID spoofer must be undetectable.

          Another set of qualities that the majority of HWID spoofers guarantee is safety and outstanding functionality. Most HWID changers will also remove all the hidden files that the anti-cheat software has stored on your device, in addition to spoofing the hardware ID, giving you free access to the game you love to play once more without having to worry about getting banned in the future. Additionally, since the installation of the majority of HWID changers is straightforward, you do not need to search for the location of the hardware ID. Simply click a button to start the procedure, and it will finish on its own.

          Choosing the proper HWID Spoofer.

          There are numerous points you should consider while looking to purchase an HWID spoofer. These are as follows:

          The Games you want to play

          While you are all looking for an HWID spoofer, you should remember what kinds of games you want to play and if that spoofer will work with that game. Certain games such as Fortnite use multiple anti-cheat clients, so you may get HWID banned even if you are playing with an HWID spoofer. Also, beware when playing newer games because their new anti-cheat client probably has the ability to counter the HWID spoofers, but don't worry, these cases are very rare.

          User Friendly

          One of the most important things to look out for is whether the spoofer is user-friendly or not, meaning that you can easily enable the spoofer. Most spoofers reset after shutting down the computer, so when the computer restarts, you have to enable the spoofer to manually. This can be a real pain if setting up the spoofer is very complex. Look for a spoofer that can activate with ease, e.g., opening with a press of a button or the ones that don't reset when the computer turns off.

          Reformatting Required

          You should also think about if you will need to reformat your hard drive in order to use your HWID spoofer with your preferred game. Even if you have a spoofer, certain anti-cheat systems leave behind trace files on your hard drive that can only be removed through reformatting. Most HWID spoofers will inform you if your drive needs to be reformatted in order to be used with a specific game; this can be helpful because if you didn't know about you could still get banned as the anti-cheat system could detect the HWID spoofer.

          What features does an HWID spoofer entail?

          Why should you get an HWID spoofer?

          The answer to this question is quite simple; you should get an HWID spoofer simply because it protects your computer hardware from bans.

          Let's imagine this scenario from another perspective. Suppose you do not have an HWID spoofer and are not discreet with your hacking methods. Not only will you suffer the consequences of your account getting banned, but you will also have to deal with the trouble of banned hardware. This restricts your access to the game from your computer, which means that even if you make a new account, the game will still deny your entry. Not only will you lose the progress on your account, but your computer will also become worthless for the game. 

          That's a lot of damage, so we recommend you not to take this risk and acquire an HWID spoofer when you purchase the hack. Replacing an entire computer for a single game is far more expensive than investing in an HWID spoofer, so be smart and make the right choice.

          What is the working mechanism behind an HWID spoofer?

          An HWID spoofer works by masking the true identification number associated with your device and replacing it with a fake one.

          You must be thinking about how this is relevant to bans?

          Well, whenever a game bans a player, they add their HWID to an existing list of 'banned HWIDs.' When a player enters a game, the server automatically compares their HWID against the HWIDs in the banned list to ensure that they aren't allowing any banned players into their system.

          An HWID spoofer alters your HWID to make you appear like a brand new player every time you enter the game. This is helpful in two ways:

          1. Even if you get caught while using hacks, the system will issue a ban against your 'fake' HWID. This ensures that your real identity remains safe even if your account gets banned, as the ban is on the HWID of a device that doesn't even exist.
          2. Suppose you don't use an HWID spoofer and get caught; your HWID gets banned, so what's the next step? Luckily, an HWID spoofer also assists in dodging this problem. Since the HWID spoofer conceals your actual HWID, your device is unrecognizable to the game server as they can no longer spot your HWID in the list of banned HWIDs. So even if you get banned, you can use an HWID spoofer to get back in the game. 

          Is it safe to use HWID spoofers? 

          Earlier in the article, we have described that an HWID spoofer works by 'altering' your HWID. Many people tend to get concerned and assume that the spoofer will harm the integrity of their device. This is a valid concern but don't worry; we are here to clear your doubts.

          The truth is that HWID spoofers don't actually change your device's identification number, but they only make it appear differently to other servers.

          This means that there are no real modifications in your HWID. Your HWID remains original but is only disguised to seem different, so yes, HWID spoofers are entirely safe to use.

          However, like any other software, HWID spoofers are suspectable and prone to harmful viruses, spyware, adware, and malware. These problems arise when you download a spoofer from free online sources, and they can put your device at significant risk. 

          We recommend buying HWID spoofers only from trusted and authorized sources to prevent this sort of trouble. 

          Which games should you play with an HWID spoofer?

          • PUBG: It is one of the most popular games in the current generation, and they are known to be merciless when it comes to bans, so we recommend taking preventive measures such as an HWID spoofer.
          • Fortnite: Fortnite developers are very strict about cheating, so it's better to be safe than suffer the consequences.
          • Valorant: Valorant is known to have a strong anti-cheat defense, so the risk of getting banned is significantly high; hence protecting your HWID should be a priority in this scenario.

          Other games you should use an HWID spoofer with include: 

          Top HWID spoofer choices

          We have gathered some of the top HWID spoofers with additional features for you.

          Since HWID spoofers are specially designed to deal with specific anti-cheat systems of a game, it's essential that you purchase the one compatible with the game you play.


          An HWID spoofer is the best defence you can build to protect yourself against bans; hence, it deserves a place in your hacking toolkit.

          We recommend investing in an HWID spoofer so you don't have to worry about getting banned ever again, and even if you do, an HWID spoofer will come to the rescue. 

          So what are you waiting for? Explore the options mentioned above, find the right one for your needs and make your gaming experience even more enjoyable and trouble-free. 

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          HWID Spoofer / Changer Reviews


          Rated 5 out of 5
          September 13, 2022

          very genius



          Rated 5 out of 5
          August 30, 2022



          finally i can play valorant again

          Rated 5 out of 5
          August 25, 2022

          finally i can play valorant again. best spoofer, thank you ocheats!


          Valorant HWID Spoofer / Changer

          Rated 5 out of 5
          August 10, 2022

          Best val spoofer

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          5 out of 5 stars (based on 4 reviews)
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