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Status: online
If you haven’t heard of Escape from Tarkov by now then maybe you aren’t as big of an FPS fan as you might think. It is an excellent shooter and offers a unique blend of realism and Massive Multiplayer Online gaming. The game has gained a special place amongst a




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EFT / Escape from Tarkov Core Hack

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  • Enemy ESP (boxes and bones)
  • Enemy Info (health,distance)
  • Item ESP with filters
  • Team/friendly check
  • Visibility checks

Ocheats HWID Spoofer / Changer

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    All  EFT / Escape From Tarkov Hacks 

    EFT / Escape from Tarkov Onyx Hack

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    • Enemy ESP (Skeleton, HP Bar)
    • Enemy Info (Health, Distance, Weapon, Inventory, KD, Cropse, Side)
    • Items ESP with filters (Valuable, Very Valuable, Weapons, etc...)
    • Exit gates location
    • Throwable ESP

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    EFT / Escape From Tarkov Omega Hack

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    • Player ESP
    • Boxes
    • Names
    • HP Bars
    • Distance

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    EFT / Escape from Tarkov Kirion Hack

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    • ESP Box
    • ESP Line Position
    • Distance
    • Bone ESP
    • Health Bar

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    EFT / Escape from Tarkov Core Hack

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    • Enemy ESP (boxes and bones)
    • Enemy Info (health,distance)
    • Item ESP with filters
    • Team/friendly check
    • Visibility checks

    Total Price

    Number of Keys



    EFT / Escape From Tarkov Hacks Description

    If you haven’t heard of Escape from Tarkov by now then maybe you aren’t as big of an FPS fan as you might think. It is an excellent shooter and offers a unique blend of realism and Massive Multiplayer Online gaming. The game has gained a special place amongst a specific niche of fans in the gaming world

    The game has garnered quite a following due to the various nuances that set it apart from other titles. What we are trying to say is that Escape from Tarkov isn’t for everyone. But if you do get a hang of it then you will be privy to one of the greatest and most novel experiences in the FPS genre.

    Escape from Tarkov was developed by Battlestate Games for use on PC. The game features a fictional war that is raging within the region of Norvinsk. The main forces at odds in the game are two private military contractors by the names of United Security (USEC) and the Battle Encounter Assault Regiment (BEAR). The combat in the game is riveting and does a great job of lending credence and reality to the entire experience. 

    There aren’t quite any other games that succeed where Escape from Tarkov does in capturing a sense of realism and authenticity. It is a brilliant amalgamation of ultra-realistic titles like ARMA and more conventional ones like Insurgency: Sandstorm. Players participate in joint matches called “Raids” where they combat other opponents in multiplayer matches. The objective of these matches is to win against other players and bots and gather loot. 

    The ultimate objective is to survive and eventually escape the battlefield. This is what makes the game unique and quite different from other contemporary FPS titles on the market and therein lays its appeal.

    Escape from Tarkov Hacks

    Escape from Tarkov is great and has many aspects that will appeal to players. For instance, the exploration factor is dominant here and players will enjoy combing over the huge maps. Also, the realistic firing, combat scenario and more lend even more authenticity to the equation. 

    Another thing that might speak volumes about the sheer devotion and focus that the developers evince is the level of depth in weapons modification available here. The level to which you can alter the appearance of your weapon, the peripherals you can add, and the upgrades that you can apply are phenomenal, to say the least. But, that’s not to say that all is well here as some flaws might derail the experience for some players. For one, there are optimization issues that cause performance dips sporadically. Also, the game features a mandatory reset every 45 days as well. 

    The Framerate is steady to a degree but does sometimes dip into the lower digits. These are things that can agitate and nettle even the most patient of gamers at times. Still, the one thing that shines and stands out with a scintillating prominence is the utterly superb multiplayer experience in Escape from Tarkov. You won’t find a more stellar and challenging experience anywhere else

    What sets Escape from Tarkov apart from other modern FPS shooters is the challenge it evinces. There is no hand-holding here, and the game doesn’t try to facilitate you in the least. You are left to your own devices against players that are immensely talented and deadly. They make your time in the arena a literal challenge where you only have your skills and talents to rely on. 

    Even then, your faculties might still not be enough. The perpetual and constant deaths and defeats might get to you and frustration will undoubtedly set in. You might get fed up with the game as no one likes dying again and again now does one? Well, we offer a simple solution to the problem. You can use hacks that will allow you to excel but without the effort or exertion on your part. These hacks are excellent and help you in acquiring the triumph that you have so long for. 

    So, if you want to learn more about these hacks then we are here to assist you. All that you need to know about the game and the different hacks that it contains is expounded as follows:

    How to Stay Undetected while using Cheats in Escape from Tarkov

    There is one thing that you need to remember above all else and that is you need to remain undetected while using these cheats in Escape from Tarkov. Failure to do so will result in you getting permanently banned from the server. There are some methods that you can employ to prevent this from happening. These are explained as follows:

    Practice Restraint when starting

    You should be careful when starting Escape from Tarkov. You should continue playing normally and not use your cheats in the beginning. This will increase the odds of your remaining undetected when you do use them later on. On the contrary, you are more susceptible to being detected if you use these hacks from day one.

    Being Subtle

    Also, once you do start using hacks on the game, it is better that you be subtle about it. The temptation to indulge and destroy your opponents with these hacks might be overwhelming at times. But endure these whims and remain cautious. A temerarious attitude in using these hacks can get you noticed and banned in a matter of hours. Players in this game are meticulous when it comes to such matters so we advise that you practice subtlety and caution while using hacks on Escape from Tarkov.

    HWID Spoofer

    The HWID Spoofer is a spectacular tool that has saved many from being burned while using hacks in games. The same tool can help prevent your banishment from “Escape from Tarkov” as well. This tool alters your PC's hardware identification to a faux one. This prevents your machine from getting banned in the unforeseen circumstance where your misconduct is reported. 

    You can then proceed to start anew from a new account and continue using hacks as if nothing happened in the first place.

    Aimbot usage

    Aimbot is one of the most prevalent tools/hacks that are employed in Escape from Tarkov. Despite being one of the most deadly of hacks, it is one of the most obvious ones as well. You can get noticed by even the most ignorant and dumbest of opponents in the game if you persist in using Aimbot superfluously. 

    You don’t want that now do you? So, when using Aimbot, try being a little less obvious and the only way to do so is to be cautious and selective in using this hack.

    Wallhacks usage

    Getting to know the position of your opponents through cover and walls sounds pretty sweet. It is indeed one of the greatest advantages that you can exploit over your enemies but still, it can get you in hot waters very quickly. People are bound to get suspicious when they are cut down the instant they step out of cover. 

    The condition will be exacerbated even more so if you, the target, keep circumventing potential ambushes and drops perennially. That is why we suggest you practice caution here as well and use Wallhacks in a natural, albeit, cautious manner.

    How to apply Escape from Tarkov Hacks?

    We are sure that by now you will be salivating at the prospect of becoming an absolute legend at the game with these hacks. But, you might also be wondering as to the path that you need to take to acquire these hacks. 

    If such thoughts are coursing through your mind, then you are about to receive some great news. We are the ones that you need to contact to get the most sublime and effective of hacks for this game. We are capable when it comes to supplying hacks for EFT. You can get these hacks by following the steps mentioned as follows:

    If you haven’t visited our site yet, then make it a top priority right now. You will be able to peruse our library of amazing hacks for various games. All products have been tested and tried and have proven to be highly effective. You can select the ones that you want and then move on to the next step.

    Now, we have to tell you something, and it’s something of a business strategy for us. The thing is, we don’t sell hacks but rather rent them out to our esteemed customers. The latter can get these hacks from us on a monthly, weekly, and even daily basis. The bargaining and savings aspect applies here as the longer you rent a hack, the greater will be the amount that you end up saving.

    We use payproglobal and don’t process payments directly. You can pay us through this method and use our dedicated system to do so. We take the aspect of safety very staunchly and we assure you that all requisite steps have been taken to protect your details and privacy.

    Now, make an account on our site if you haven’t already and proceed to download our software/app. The details of the hack, its login, and the key will be provided to you on the app’s panel. You can then proceed to use it in the game.

    The process is quite simple and doesn’t require any intense cogitation or deliberation on your part. The potential of a problem occurring or you running into a dead-end is quite low. But, if this does happen, then you don’t have to be flustered. We have capable representatives available 24/7 on live chat for this purpose. They will straighten you out and have the problem resolved in no time at all. For us, the convenience and servicing of our customers take top priority.

    Where to get Escape from Tarkov cheats to avoid a ban?

    If you want to avoid being caught while using hacks in Escape from Tarkov, then you need relevant software to do so. There are certain tools and software that have been designed to prevent such an event from transpiring. You can get these tools from us or any other capable creator/provider online. 

    Once these tools have been enabled, you will then be able to proceed to play in the game’s multiplayer without worrying about getting noticed using these hacks. If you are going to be playing with hacks in the game then these preventive tools are compulsory for you.

    Do Professionals use Escape from Tarkov cheats?

    Escape from Tarkov offers the very best in FPS action combined with an extra dosage of realism as well. The path to becoming a master in this game is fraught with difficulty and challenge. Anyone who aspires to stand at the top of the competition needs to sacrifice sleep, societal obligations, friendships, and more. You need to become an absolute machine to succeed but it might be possible that not everyone is willing to do so. 

    The professionals understand this. They want to be the best but at the same time, they don’t want to compromise on life’s pleasures to do so. That is why they use these hacks without any reticence or penitence. If they can do so, then why don’t you?

    Different Types of Hacks and what they are used for

    There are many cheats/hacks in Escape from Tarkov which can be used to get an edge over your challengers. As to what these hacks are and what they do, you can refer to the following details:


    Aimbot allows for greater precision and accuracy in fighting. It makes the task of hitting your opponent without missing quite literally a possibility. Be warned though, excess usage of this hack can be noticed readily and get you banned.

    ESP or Wallhack and 2D Radar

    If you want to be aware of your enemy’s position in the arena and have raised your perception then these are the tools for you. 2D Radar gives you details about the location of your opponents on the field while Wallhacks/ESP allows you to gaze upon their position even behind cover.

    Escape from Tarkov Removals

    Do you want to remove recoil from the weapons? Do you want smoke, fog, and other nasty deterrents removed from the game’s equation? Well, then this is the tool that you need to use to achieve said ends.


    So, now you know all that you needed to know about Escape from Tarkov hacks. You can now decide to use them more sensibly and have a heck of a time while doing so.

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    EFT / Escape From Tarkov Hacks Reviews

    i like it

    Rated 5 out of 5
    September 13, 2022

    this is amazing hacks



    Rated 4 out of 5
    August 30, 2022

    i just need the cheats to find items, i don't use aimbot, and it's working well


    core hack on top

    Rated 5 out of 5
    August 25, 2022

    i love the core hack, never banned on eft


    I am really satisfied with my eft cheats

    Rated 5 out of 5
    August 6, 2022

    I am really satisfied with my eft cheats


    OCheats has really helped me

    Rated 5 out of 5
    August 6, 2022

    OCheats has really helped me getting the best loot on eft

    Rated 4.8 out of 5
    4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)
    Very good17%

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